Vengeance of the Holy Vehm

Beneath mysterious cloaks of shining white, krukenkreuzen of burning red emblazoned upon their rigid breasts, stalk the holy judges of the high court of the realm. A sacred brotherhood of the upright; pure in their ancient blood, and of highest nobility in their infallible mission. Never is one powerful of his own accord, only at […]

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Mystici Corporis Occultatum

In our mortal lifetimes we are now witnessing the potential resurgence of the primeval impulse of Theomachy among conscious westerners. The manifestation of “nationalist” or “paleo-conservative” groupings with definitively Christian influences is chiefly what we are referring to. It is pertinent now, perhaps more than ever, that we resist the coward’s optimism and do not […]

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Dowry of the Sabbath Bride.

The cross rose as a hex over the continent of the Aryan, an omen of death from the burning deserts of trepidation—from the Pandora’s box of the orient. This apparently blasphemous sign; God himself being humiliated should have been steadfastly combatted by the virile Teuton but instead through hook and crook he was coerced by […]

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Civilisation or Syphilisation?

As discussed in the article “Of Übermensch and Underdog” some inherent flaws of the “ethical” and the “moral”, especially those derived from Christianity, must necessarily be eradicated if not by our dire measures taken, then by their very design. In this particular article we will clarify just exactly what is and isn’t demanded of the […]

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Against Pan-“European” Inclusivity

Not only the ‘Europe of Nations’ concept but also the ‘Europe: a Nation’ fantasy had an utterly disastrous impact on circles concerned with preserving the “traditional racial makeup” of “western civilization”. Some have taken up a ridiculous cosmetic-nationalism where a person is classified as a European, or even more comedically — a Caucasian merely for […]

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Of Übermensch and Underdog

Men of refined taste are not often weighed down by the same draining baggage that is packed onto the back of the common herd animal. The asinine, the unclean, the bestial— these are for the discriminating palate a saddle atop which to ride, not existences to be suffered. When the heroic type: the crystalline choleric-melancholic, […]

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The Holy Grail as Elect Pedigree:

As diversity-addicts so often gloat: “people” come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. The “human family” is indeed a diverse bunch, and typical-peculiarity has scarcely survived the volkswanderung; the scattering of nations over the face of the earth. Purity of type has gradually declined and the selective breeding traditions of the pure have been looted […]

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