Odyssey of Passionate Emission

The simplification of life reveals an odyssey of the sum of the passionate emission of pure Male essence into the womb. Creatures are animated by this energy and to retain it is to become larger than life. It is control of the beastly impulses that allows the spiritual ascension of man. Verily, the potion in the alchemical transfiguration of lesser metals into greater metals is cooked in the fires of sexual passion. When the lustful temptation arises and is neglected ; a glorious transfiguration occurs, the primordial man, Adam Kadmon, is embodied by the wielder of the animal’s leash. With the knowledge of the truth of life must come the acceptance of ideas such as panspermia, the divine electron, radioactive insemination, premarital virginity, and most importantly telegony. If semen retention produces the superman then semen must have some chemical power independent of the one who ejaculates it out (ritual washing is indeed necessary after ejaculation). Whores, who when introduced to the bed of matrimony introduce the downfall of civilisation,are not better represented than in the succubus, a she-beast who preys off of Male semen in exchange for pleasure, upon the release of semen the succubus looses her veil of beauty and is reviled to be a horrible witch. Women drink semen, they receive it on the face, through this they absorb the nutrients of the animating essence, gaining power while stripping men of auctoritas. Modern science scarcely mentions telegony for the same reasons that the discussion of racial science and bestial human copulation are avoided, the conclusions of such scientific truths are an encouragement of chastity, the discouragement of indulgence, and an increase in eugenic awareness; ultimately an end to women’s rights and intercaste breeding. Somewhat less ignored by modern science is the chemistry of sex, that when women and men mix sexual fluids a bond is born, this bond is not only manifested in the birth of human life but also in a female bonding hormone which is activated both by male ingredients and stimulation of the sexual organs , breasts included. Hermaphroditic fluid, pleasurable stimulation, and painful stimulation are present first in the process of sexual intercourse, and second in the process of childbirth. Nietzsche once said that the women must recognise the child in man, this was truer then than it is now, sex and childbirth are no longer a double edged sword. Lubrication and contraception have removed from the sex act both pain and the creation of the hermaphrodite fluid, at the same time the introduction of the Caesarian Section and numbing drugs have removed the female bonding hormone from childbirth, as has the decline in breastfeeding. It is no wonder that the modern woman is one who is detached from both her man and her children. Perhaps Sadomasochism, perverted acts, and incest fantasies would be uncommon in men if the sexual trinity ,pleasure , pain, and androgynous fluids were honoured. It is an Islamic idea, and a classical greek idea that the condition of the sexual fluids determine the the gender of offspring, perhaps this could also explain physiognomy. It is generally accepted by modern science that an overdose of testosterone can cause hermaphroditism in an XX chromosome possessing foetus, and that lack of testosterone can stunt the growth of the penis in XY chromosome possessing foetuses. This ancient, yet modern, knowledge must not be allowed to be ignored, rather incorporated into the approaching age of genetic engineering. Further study is needed on anal sodomy (sodomy is wrongly thought to be anal intercourse, it is better recognised as a synonym for adultery in traditional works) to determine the effect of semen in this practice, however the scientific conclusions are likely similarly illiberal to those of vaginal telegony, that indulgence is to be discouraged, and that homosexuals are to once again be separated from communal existence and that blood atonement is the only forgiveness for their sin. Those who could master Male essence, control breeding, and rewrite existence to be based on patriarchy ,authoritarianism, eugenics, and absolute personal discipline, could in theory rise to the status of master-race. The slavish nature of fallen man has not yet been able to be overcome, attempts at Faustian rebellion against divine subjugation have predictably resulted in a great fall, it seems that the farther one climbs ,the farther his fall. This wisdom is the only wisdom worth evangelising over. It was precisely the esoteric nature of this truth that allowed religion to subsist without purpose. It is religion’s failure that contraception has not been kept from the public in the west, and that contraception has been forbidden from being distributed in areas of chaotic breeding. The chain that binds is DNA and without the proper chemical makeup, alchemical transfiguration of the spirit is impossible. All of the dreaded monsters of old have already been slain by valiant heroes, there is no longer any terror present enough to keep the people in line, the final beasts to slay are the bestial impulses, this final act of animal sacrifice is the eternal defeat of decadence so long as the creed persists. The master-race, a product of the regal-caste tradition , and the true inheritor of the throne of Rome and the white stone , will perish without dominion over the blackest beast of them all; sexual impiety.