Cast off the dusky ape-pelt and clothe yourself in the shining breastplate of the God-man!

Prologue: The author of this website believes in a great battle which has been raging since time immemorial: The Theomcahy, the primal holy war. This war, like any other, is a physical trial of character. Blood, sweat, heat, pleasure, pain, passion; the sweet tasting ingredients to both battle and the sex act, the two fields on which this war without end is chiefly fought. To preserve life is not merely to spare it from destruction by the sword, but also to engender kind after kind. The twofold war which the demons have waged against the holy mountain is primarily a battle to mend and disfigure the genitals of God’s seed sowers, that is, to pollute the wombs of our women with the seed of corruption, a stain which may never be washed away, and to draw our men into the sin of Onan, whereby their disregard for the generative faculty will leave them to die in vain—sterile shoots of a great tree, refusing to further sprout, breaking the legacy of the elders! We do not paint a picture of a conscious, scheme-laden, war between the diabolical and the divine. No! We, after the manner of other zoologists, recognise in the animal kingdom a strain of destruction, those beasts of prey and malice whom our progenitors so feared. The creed which we espouse is to be dogmatically insisted upon : that all manner of beast bred with the forbears of mankind and produced offspring via this illicit union, as attested to by both the ancient myths , as well as the rediscovered secrets of evolution, mutation, and adaptation (metempsychosis). Our central hypothesis is that, through atavistic adaptation, those populations among so-called “mankind” with the greatest dilution of bestial blood feel themselves welcomed into the golden gates of civilisation where they will run amock, ravaging, stealing,killing, and, most grievously, polluting the wombs of those “liberated women” of the day, against their will or not, the product of such an act is equally as damning, as it is as much a stain on the licentious guilty as it is on the naïve innocent. It is important to note that beast-men have cohabited the world of men so long as man has domesticated the beast, that these recent influxes and exploding birthrates of these throwback populations are anything but novel. Hence our identification of the primordial holy war: The Theomachy. Our prime hypothesis; the dogma, is defended through a series of assumptions, each of which, having their own implications, are to be accepted or discarded as the reader sees fit. Some may be conjecture, theory, or psychoanalysis, which the reader has every ground to be skeptical of. Readers who are willing to look past the presented scientific evidence , the theology/metaphysics, or the linking of otherwise disparate historical recollection respectively are welcome to read this blog. Those who would ignore that which is made evident because of an absence of objectivity are advised to read no further. We are perfectly capable of writing as a university student would, with forced humility, anxious verbal-restraint, and all other sickening mannerisms of the tail-between-the-legs kowtowing to the slimy pestilence of progressivism. The implications of these essays point to a new social vision; the shining city on the hill. Those most insightful sciences of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Eugenics, Sexology,Racialism,Criminology, Psychology, and Existensial Philosophy were precisely lost because of the swinging pendulum of social “progress” which swept the civilised (or so named) world after the destruction of the pact of steel nations, a last vestige of the masculine heroic cult. Much further elaboration can be (and likely will be) given into the modern predicament, not as it pertains to this immideate time-space continuum, but instead as it relates to the timeless theomachy. We do not suppose that we are lending a hand to contemporary science, nor do we attempt to definitively prove with words that which demands actual methodological experimentation. For these given reasons the flavour of these writings will be intentionally difficult to grasp for those empirically minded imps who dwell in the sensual alone, having no appreciation of the refined. For the invisible realm is one of the last remaining refuges for men of discriminating taste. Our analyses are intended to resurrect those theories which have been superfluously neglected by contemporary science. Thus the establishment of this webpage is to function as a catechism instructing initiates, not as a medical journal instructing physicians. We hope that our readers will legitimately incorporate our antidotes into their life’s-regimens. Though the implications of each assumption demand to be implemented by force of state, we are still eager to share the Anthropomystikon, or the secret craft of breeding, with those few who may make proper use of our criterion, i.e that the elect may once again participate in the solemn work of the ages. Ave!

Ave Regnum Dei! This website was established as a symposium of bloodlines, exploring the soul’s transmigration through analysis of the ancient customs of the feudal tradition as handed down by the primordial race of heroes.

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