Rules and Assumptions

The central hypothesis of the Anthropomystikon is founded upon a series of Rules and Assumptions culminating in The Dogma. Rules are doctrine to practitioners of the Anthropomystikon, and are essentially faith-based and subject to elaboration. Assumptions are those implications of the Rules that make evident The Dogma. Unlike Rules, Assumptions are dependent upon a number of ascertaining-methods including conjecture, psychoanalysis, and the identification of an underlying trend throughout otherwise disparate time and space. While Assumptions will contradict one another, Rules are heterodox. Dilemmas are riddled throughout the Assumptions, these are called Rings. For each of these dilemmas there is an antecedent Key, vitiating those Assumptions which are incongruent with the Rules, firing the Rings so as to remove any impurities which only a trained metallurgist might detect. (See Rings and Keys page for further detail:

  • Rule: All life is of common origin: -Assumption; Life evolved linearly per time-space dictate, thereby isolating particular heritable traits, as if finely sifted from the primordial sludge. –Assumption; The common ancestor of all life must have contained within its genome puzzle *all possible* trait-pieces, i.e the intermediate form ofall life.
  • Rule: Each life (species) is separated from *each other* by way of endogamous selection.-Assumption; There hypothetically exists an intermediate form between each life. –Assumption; Species tend toward speciation, e.g inbreeding.
  • Rule: A Universal Standard of Judgement can be observed, despite varying circumstance as dictated by time and space. Assumption; The law of the ecosystem must be binding upon each life. –Assumption; Through exercising discrimination in courtship and predation, it would seem that life is universally bound by a method of judgement, rather than a method of universal judgment. In other words, the method of judgment is binding upon all creatures with respect to each other creature.
  • Rule: The individual soul of each man was created instantaneously, while the natural body of man experienced a gradual formation. -Assumption; The trend toward speciation or ‘evolutionary progress’ in nature is a slouching toward mankind as the perfect pinnacle of nature upon whom is imprinted the image of God. With this profession of belief we accept fully the teaching of Traducian transmutation of souls through the metempsychosis of creatures; the destiny of refined higher man was engendered in the primordial, therefore each which shares existence with higher mankind is placed under his feet as his subject; all of existence is under his domain; whatsoever transgresses against his domain is illegitimate in power and in rebellion against manly justice.

The Dogma:

The Dogma which is to be emphatically insisted upon is both a Rule and an Assumption. The centre of the Anthropomytikon is unlocked through Art and Practice of the Theomachy; to engage in perpetual warfare against the subordinate types; to uphold the mastery of the gods through consanguineous type selection and the aristocratic ontology through the physical repression of the anarchistic ontology . Concerning The Dogma, it is incumbent upon an Acolyte to obey, through masterful deed, this core teaching: Through a tradition of selective breeding an Isolated Type has been refined, this type: The God-man is pure in his lineage back to the Primal Patriarch of Our Race. By practicing this art tradition; an initiate may share in the Perpetual Orgasm, that is the continued fostering of the holy seed through odylic ritual and pure-begetting. Through the heat of the sensual fire a new man will be forged, a cathedral of flesh and blood. It will require the work of many hands to rebuild the temple of the body, but we’re promised a bodily-resurrection. May the stinking corpse of Lazarus, wrapped in sodomite linen, breathe the fresh air of new life by the coming of the God-man! Through waging the Theomachy by sword and seed we hope to see the New Centre to supplant old Jerusalem; a supernal world, segregated from the filthy excrement of the outsider! Under the guardianship of an Angelic host with swords of fire the Tree of Life, our pure and refined family tree, will require great judgement and kingship to persist. Let us take up the Sword of the God-man who came to divide, let us divide sheep from goat, wheat from chaff, to the right and to the left there can be no commingling! To those of you men after my own heart, my brothers: I beseech you; remain atop the holy mountain, be not tempted by serpents. For under the reign of the God-man, our priest and king, we have been given the authority to trample underfoot the demonic element, and to lead the Elect out of the wilderness and into the bosom of secure proliferation!