The Command-Economy of Sexuality:

Status, much more than physical attractiveness or quality of personality, is the true desire of female and sub-male alike. We’ve always thought it a humourous curse that the sexual faculty develops sooner than the rational faculty. That puberty renders the mind clouded in a hormonal overcast, saturated in immature genitalia, is, afterall, unavoidable. A young man’s sexual exploration takes him on a wild chase through an even wilder forest, commonly one riddled with traps, packs of wilderness, and the odd witch or wizard. For the young girl there is a sublimation of this phallic stage. It’s worth the mention that the clitoris is a stunted penis. Female sexuality is alike unto immature Male sexuality in that both are futile and fruitless, except by way of exploitation. This predatory hypergamy purveyance has its proper place in an in depth study into the plague of nymphomania which has enveloped our women as a swarm of locusts. As I have proposed; female hypergamy, as well as “male” homosexuality, is likely the result of seductive-cues that an amateur (that is a child or an otherwise stunted subject) picks up on. Because of the nature of the reproductive-economy; this conduit is almost always a sexually repressed man, that is, one possessing auctoritas, exuding dominant pheromone and a careful attitude. Precocious puberty has been proposed to result from either molestation and/or an innate glandular abnormality, keep the former proposal in mind. Understand that the aforementioned “status“, which I have called “auctoritas” is the object of the stunted sexual desire, and a kind of envy which permeates female psychology (as shared by homosexual “men”) and has driven the lusty maenads into promiscuity and neurosis alike. The woman experiences a similar sexual frustration to the “man” trapped in puberty. Ideally; pregnancy overloads the woman with intense pleasure, pain and a flood of hormones (not unlike that which leads to male hypersexuality in puberty), neutralising her rebellion, but because of woman’s liberation and hedonistic antinatalism, there is a desire to escape from such a patriarchal dome. Whether she knows it not, the woman’s longing for innocence and fatherly correction is satisfied by perpetual impregnation, ideally beginning upon menstruation. When women are permitted to menstruate they receive unsatisfactory doses of bloody pleasure-pain, which builds their tolerance and develops the neurotic pathology which comes to its miserable low upon menopause. Men are allowed pleasure through inflicting pain upon women (biological females and homosexual/stunted males). Call it a sadistic curiosity if you’d like, we call it our birthright. Perpetual Impregnation is to the female as Perpetual Orgasm is to the Male. Manhood is an achievement. Just because one’s foetal clitoris matured into a penis does not mean one will ever see manhood. Perhaps we should cut a little more slack for those of our forefathers who championed the Liberty of Men, considering that they did not see racial-aliens, the unwell, the criminal, or the effeminate as fellow men. Escaping the snares of ingenuous sexual exploration frees a male from the stunted awkwardness of boyhood, and from the warm and sticky quicksand emerges an upright man! There is misinterpretation of our fathers’ wisdom that equates the contemporary concept: ‘loss of virginity’ with achievement of manhood. Today’s ‘loss of virginity’ was yesterday’s ‘sowing one’s wild oats’. I.e merely fornicating with harlots is not the achievement of manhood, but the boyish squandering away of Status. Status, Auctoritas, Manhood— each synonyms for Perpetual Orgasm; the rod of the patriarch. Under the age of the primordial world, during the genesis of species and races, the alpha-male had absolute control over breeding. Whether through the slaughter of competition, and the subjugation of the foreigner’s castrated young, or through selective breeding with the most delightful girls; The Ancient Father engendered a master-race, and through the loins of his endogamous progeny he has achieved Orgasm without End. The warrior-hero of antiquity rendered lesser-men into homosexuals, removing them from the gene-pool by way of pederastic wizardry, meanwhile, without regard for the innovative “age of consent” laws of modernism, could take possession of the purest and prettiest girls, deflowering them at whim. Such obstacles as law and social reservations, prevent us sons of our Racial Patriarch from engendering kind after kind through the humiliation of outsiders and the possession of women. Even assuming one is able to impregnate his virgin bride (whom he has protected from hormone alteration thus-far) within the confines of the modern world , she will have had dozens of menstruation cycles already and will likely receive a cocktail of anaesthetics and supplements which will devastate the endocrine system and remove the desired extreme pleasure-pain. It does not suffice to practice pure-breeding as best one can under the stranglehold of modern constriction. For the salvation of our Racial Patriarch’s seed, of fertility and wellness we must establish a sexual command-economy.