Intuitive Discrimination in the World of Uncertain Breed

Strata elaborated upon in this article can be visualised according to category from any number of lenses, this much is true, though in defiance of objectivity this particular exploration penetrates the uncomfortable. Anthropomystikon theory identifies an acute tension which exists in measurable quantities between and within creatures. This tension, once more explicitly portrayed in the ecological food-chain as a competitive struggle for life, has deformed into a flaccid awkwardness. To become nervous around a potential mate, anxious among disordered dregs, or alert amidst racial-outsiders and those of the stranger’s physiognomy are all uncomfortable experiences which no amount of naïvety will alleviate. In the germ-ridden petri-dish of bacteria that some call “our society” floral aroma is hardly smelled without the sickening fumes of industrial and organic waste, sweet melody is not heard without the cacophony of jungle savages, pretty faces aren’t seen except among a Heironymous Bosch-reminiscent display of ugly, acne ridden, greasy, dusky, and unhygienic mugs. Every delight is raped! We cannot adequately fault this chaos without paying a visit to the mists of the past, but, in the interest of brevity, even the most valuable of clues will go unmentioned. Idealistic attempts at objective moral law can be seductive to the impulsive thinker who might hypocritically rebuke those improvisers who listen to ‘gut-feelings’, ‘the heart’ or other intuitive approaches. Hearing the whispers of instinct can only be construed as animalistic or irrational for those of likewise descent. Destiny, Prophecy, Sixth Sense, Predetermination and the like are not assaults on the prized “logic and reason”, but are instead poetic renditions of the otherwise cold-mechanical conclusions of biological peculiarities. Mental conflict, unwanted thoughts, despair, and anxiety result from disordered psyche, anyone who argues otherwise is not worth the time of the clearer-sighted. Mental scrambling’s point of origin is another matter, less discretion should be exercised due to the profoundly mysterious entailments. We would posit that, because reproductive strategy is the pinnacle of survival, then the plethora of additional quirks and mannerisms associated with innate natural processes should be examined under the erotic lens as well. The lust for sexual pleasure, peaking in Orgasm, is the driver of creation, proposed to be prematurely sought after via teething, suckling, and toilet-faculties. These aforementioned premature pleasure-instincts are corrected by selective nursing, swaddling, and bladder-bowel training, each the speciality of the mother’s inferior statecraft as compared to the paternalistic authoritarianism, reigning by way of a supernal level of domination with special concern for the same basic lust. As this relates to the Social Ecosystem another brief detour is taken. In raising infants and domesticating animals a similar aggressive assertion of dominance is required, although, hopefully the reader is intelligent enough to properly apportion discipline with respect to child-rearing and pet-kennelling. There is no practical value (aside from the obvious comedic) in dragging around bare toddlers by leashes or in stuffing puppies into nappies and nursing by human tit. By slightly altering the scope of these propositions we can reasonably infer that those of different rearing will, in turn, be subject to different governing. Pay attention also that, in many cases, we can not, in good conscience, blame “bad parenting” as some bloated talking-heads have done in relation to the underachievement and criminality of certain troublesome ethnic-minorities. It’s no mistake that cages, collars, leashes, muzzles and rider’s crops are part and parcel of a Master’s relation to his animal property. Is it any more a mistake that the prison cell, baton, pistol, handcuffs, surveillance, or the ‘stop and frisk’ are essential in keeping the dark criminal element under the law’s jurisdiction? Do we blame bad parenting when owners take their little pets to be neutered, or are we simply reasonably intimidated by the beast’s aggressive libido? Hark back now to this article’s proposition. Ignore, if you would, the omnipresent filth which strangely shares the world of men with beauty. Can we hold those Germanic peoples who, out of the kindness of their hearts and blindness of their perceptions, invited droves of the swarthy, the hairy, and the gnarly into our once free and loving lands? In like manner to animal’s domestication by its adoption into human society under the guidance of human discipline, a human can too be rendered beastly by integration into wildlife under the threat of predators, let’s call this The Tarzan Effect. Some of our more unrealistic predecessors thought it an absolutely swell idea to build a zoo of our world, likewise some of their more unrealistic predecessors thought it an absolutely swell idea to declare that pet and owner should not only live under the same rules, but should also be integrated together, and how tolerant of them, in repetition of the original sin, petite maidens should perhaps fall into lordosis-position and let every kind of slippery, scaly, or unruly animal in the zoo freely mount and hump to their wild hearts’ desire. We should not make the mistake of missing the trees for the forest [to put a better functioning spin on the expression]. It requires real empathy and a reluctant dismissal of misanthropy to have the senses so abraded by horror after vile horror, and to yet continue to pursue unmolested delight. These anxieties resulting from expectations unmet, and deviancies uncontrolled, are expressed in a characteristic constipated fashion by the bloated talking heads who might speak of a lack of trust of citizen for fellow citizen; a reality which has little to do with a shattered civic identity, though we will concede anytime that such an identity is hilariously fragile. Roles and Relegations are utterly disorganised thus proper aggregation cannot be achieved. Dignity was sacrificed on equality’s altar. Strata that had existed whole and inviolate were tinged with a most bitter excreta; strange blood. Call it entitlement if you’d like but after the tradition of our fathers— marriage,brotherhood, and productivity should theoretically present themselves with ease, we should feel as lord above domesticated wildlife, not as prey among predators, standing along, vying for dominion over a mate’s womb which is in real danger of being usurped by apes, lizards, sharks, and octopi. Creatures of the depths who should never have been permitted to see the light of day are lurking within this “human” gene pool, add this on top of the constant streams of people of lesser and lesser quality and something of even grimmer hideousness presents itself. Not only is purity swallowed up by the swampy sewage but also we are so thoroughly desensitised to filth that anything of notably greater purity than the evermore blackening slime would appear to our senses to be beautiful, God forbid! Those of you students of the anthropomystikon who have the commandments of the law written on the carnal tablets of your hearts, respect no objective morality! Our homeland and inheritance have been stolen from us, we are lone wanderers! We may find excess in riches and luxuries yet in our core we are as homeless vagabonds sifting through trash for morsels of half-eaten foodstuffs. Exercise discretion!