Patience Amidst Societal Decay

We may walk with our chins up, feeling ourselves superior to each and every weakling, tschandala, subhuman, and troglodyte in the herd. What can we say for such a deep inner-feeling? For the thoroughbred life is not lived without an upturned chin and a nosegay. We can feel disgusted all we would like, but we are following towards the same cliff’s edge as the very stampede that we so detest. Should one look for vestiges of beauty and purity to salvage? Should we make like Aeneas and leave in exodus, crying for Troy and dreaming of Rome? Every shoot of the Germanic race is withering while the demons of every desert, jungle, and swamp are invigorated by the draining vital sap and they grow fat on our mossy-rot. It is said that destiny guides those who will it, and drags those who resist. Studying the history of better times better prepares us, but still it offers no refuge except to the dazzled mind. Think thoughts of glory, detest the mental harassment of negative images and annoying earworms, but realise that your mind dies with you and that only the material excision of this filth can remove from existence that which no amount of meditation or mental-cleansing can wash away from the scarred-mind. As much as it credits the theory to believe otherwise; there is good reason to believe that one’s reproductive-cells are unaltered by any foreign infiltration into the host, we can still take for granted such ideas and maintain belief in Telegony. After all, evolutionists were undeterred by this revelation, why should Anthropomystikon students be?Returning to the premise of this article; to retreat like hermits from the sins of the world is a tempting prospect, but we would only die the same whimpering death as the poor soul who remains within the filth. It seems clear that greater times have passed than will ever foreseeably return, but we are still to feel ourselves called to take the bull by the horns and ignore every piercing gore or steamy snort. Suppose that we drown in the flood tides of decay, at least we shall have breathed the same last breath of those heroes and martyrs who have gone before. At the same time it is not enough to die on high hills with only our dignity remaining. If we are not able to keep the torch alight, that is the fluctuating progeny of our forefathers, then what can we say of them? Surely nothing except blasphemy would suffice. Our calling can be a tiring one, even harder than to act is to keep up the motivation to do so. The theories discussed within articles of this website are published so as to strengthen the convictions of warriors in this Theomachy, although, conversely, we might often forget why it is that we even care in the first place, especially when we have trouble amending such profound wisdom with our often feckless personal lives, that could just as easily be traveled down the wide path that “leadeth to perdition”. Maybe such humbling notions could invoke a kind of mercy for those of our kin who have taken the latter route. Recognise that such character-flaws in ourselves and our countrymen are due to a lack of imposed responsibility, upon which our people have grown to depend. Notice also that many lives were rendered illegitimate as immediate threat no longer faced our people, and, although it is understandable why some would desire the end of worthless lives among our own tribe, we must think more strategically than that. There is typically a deep inner-conflict among those who are susceptible to racism because we are often men of discriminating taste who are unimpressed by low-quality, and at the same time as championing the greatness of the white-man’s civilisational inheritance we must also regrettably tolerate many poor-quality people simply because they share this inheritance with us. In an odd way we realise that our values and tastes are uniquely Aryan and we begin to prize our people for their great achievements, a sharp turn from our ancestors who valued our people for the sole reason that they were flesh and blood kin. One begins to become cognisant of the necessity of Racial-ideology through an empirical experience of our crumbling social-pillars under the weight of the corpulent third-world as mobilised by the perversions of sick-minds. Often following this realisation is a rejection of the civic-identity for its ineptitude. Such a rejection is easy to sympathise with, but we must also realise that the disappearance of our people, whether through sterility or miscegenation, is a symptom of the decay of our World-Order. For ages our existence has been decided by the success of grand-bricklaying. In other words, unlike the natural ecosystem we are beholden to the mercy of social-constructs. Famine would have taken us had it not been for the Teutonic conquest of the east and the later discovery of the new-world under the same fluttering Cross. Hannibal, the Khan, the Turks, the Soviets and other proximal threats would have gotten us had it not been for concessions with other “Europeans” at the expense of a pure Germanic heartland. Think also of modern-agriculture and pharmacology. All of these offer the potential to sustain our people in great health and number but at the same time we have become dependent on the subsistence of international trade, the pharmaceutical industry, commercial agriculture, and imperialism (whether through explicit power-projection or otherwise) for our own subsistence. We are reminded both of Spengler’s “Faustian Spirit of Western Civilisation” and Rudolf Steiner’s ideas of Tribalism and Imperialism as mutually exclusive existences, weighed on a balance according to positives and negatives, with possibility of no return. That Aryan Germans inherited the Roman Throne is a real blessing from the heavens but a relatively small blessing at that in comparison to the fact that the Germanic people remained in large part outside of classic-Roman occupation, for when old-Rome fell, we were kept safe from of the shadow of collapse. ‘Western Civilisation’ on the other hand, encompasses all peoples of Germanic descent with exception of those enclaves frozen in time (hutterites and similar peoples) whose abstinence from technological progress has spared their innocence yet rendered them vulnerable to swift-destruction by any remotely powerful force. The fragility of Western Civilisation has been accurately recognised by the enemy-underclass as a “glass ceiling”, though for us it is a glass floor whose shatter would mean our guaranteed plummet. Imagine for a moment what such a shattering would entail. Luxury is found where necessity once was. Federal law has replaced honour. There is no real respect between individuals, we know this better than most. Has the civilised man gone a day without eating? Could you imagine civilised “man” without his on- demand morning coffee,medication, food, pornography, or entertainment? Such a person would be a discombobulated wreck! Meanwhile the savage, true to his animal nature, knows what it takes to fill his belly, empty his loins, and have some fun. Even with all of these simulations of life’s demands handed to them do these foreign-“peoples” still rape, rob, and murder the civilised! It is not being proposed that we are to simply conform to the social-order, but it takes on the aura of murder-suicide to go the principled route and suggest that we aid its destruction. We are speaking about our civilisational inheritance upon which the survival of our Race in its purity depends. We must hope to mend our misfortune without regard for the mixed multitude, our birthright has not yet disappeared with our world-order. Our civilisation is rotten and leprous, gasping in agony, yet— it lives! A chrysalis of putrid slime and mucus cocoons a living organism, young, spry, and hardy. For the hope of uncovering hidden beauty of a dying kind, we are forced to tolerate the existence of unsavoury lives. We know how frustration weighs down on the soul of a discriminating-man. Stay patient, think strategically, and, God willing, we may one day separate the wheat the chaff.