Culture-war as Biological Struggle Between Races.

Race-war as the centre of dialectic, or Theomachy as we, among others of our worldview, have understood it; is biological struggle rooted in the antediluvian and waged trough out the centuries by gods and emperors. Though the battlefield is the brightest-lit stage of this natural-struggle; the crib, and the university are just as much performances by actors with roles to play. These actors are relics of the survival-of-the-fittest mentality of nature which was carried into the civilisational epoch, and reached higher and more ferocious peaks than had ever been experienced in prehistory, despite the wilder circumstance. What would appear to be most removed from the ecological struggle for survival: The modern era, the site of the “turn of the century” is an impatient interregnum, a period without a concrete world order, leaving the seat of power open to a new brand of strategists, the social-planners who have taken the place of gods and emperors in capacity to manipulate population. The traditional expressions of ultimate contrast have too been uprooted by progressive-theory. Behind the pretences of class-war, tradition against progress, or old against new, we of trained eye can uncover an explicit racial flavour without ignoring such a taste as a daint accompanying additive. Such schools of thought are simply vehicles for a much more instinctual conflict. The truth is that the majority of the population are not deep thinkers, and that the social victory of liberal-egalitarianism is not the causation of European decline, it is instead a correlation with deeper biological trends. Modernism, for all of its faults, has lived up to its name and has revealed a rationalistic, scientific, and cold-mechanical modus for social-planning and political theory. The greats, the scientific ‘communion of saints’: Darwin, Haeckel, Mendel, Pasteur, Koch, Weismann and De Vries were each, without exception, profoundly religious men whose respective theories and discoveries had acted as a spinal column to a new corporal cult of palingenesis. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries (see Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Alfred Rosenberg’s ultra-Germanic books pertaining to the two) are characterised by the feuds of various sects among this new cult, such feuds have not ended despite a host of world wars and the technical victory of two most studious schools of atheist-materialism: Capitalism and Communism. Now, any objection to such a statement on the part of the reader would reveal a real lack of geopolitical, and thereby biological, understanding. Purges for the revolution, or world-wars for liberty have never been carried out for the sake of ideological orthodoxy. Behemoth and Leviathan, the land powers and the sea powers are each multiracial melting-pots under the control of international-Finance. These two leashed mutts; the Homo-Americanus and the Mongol Herdsman were weaponised against the Germanic-European heartland at the behest of world-Jewry, the tribal nemesis of world-Germania during these essential centuries. The First World War, The Second World War, and The “Cold-War” parallel the Thirty Years War, except instead of battling for that century’s zeitgeist: Christian Theology, these wars had concluded (for the most-part) a schism between a Stellar Racial-Mysticism and an Excremental Monadic-Reductionism, each inspired by the myth of evolution and the rediscovered scientific metaphysic of western-culture. That such racists as Carleton S Coon and De Gobineau, or reactionaries like Anthony Ludovici and Oswald Spengler could have emerged from the same Modern Collegium Pontificum as such ultra-egalitarians as The Frankfurt School and associated Marxist-rackets should indicate that the pioneers (as mentioned earlier) of sociobiological science left to the modern centuries an ambiguous clay that, not unlike the “Traditional” metaphysics, demands to be shaped by the same old hand of war and conflict into that ever persisting feature of culture: Dogmatic Religion. It is rather tiring to imagine history as a repeating cycle, and to avoid being drained we should be continually reassured that these reoccurring features as presented in history are as such because they are biologically innate, not because culture is somehow magically removed from natural reality. In other words, black-slavery and white-mastery is a feature of global civilisation, not because civilizations undergo more-or-less identical cycles, but because civilisation is innate to Aryan biology, and slavery of lesser types is a necessary condition of civilisation. Even among the most primitive of tribes do we see interracial coexistence as alike to the relationship of herbivores and carnivores. The yellow Tatars demanding tribute, or the Aboriginal Australoids joining into packs along lines of breed-specific totems are simply the short-falling imitation-displays of ur-men, not entirely unlike the more advanced white man’s taxation or breed-specific feudal/caste orders as had defined ancient India or Medieval Europe. The axis of culture is hyperborean, i.e of and specific to the cultured and thoroughbred blondes. Approximate modes of civilisation are out of the grasp of the coloured races. Most embarrassing is the example of the jet-black islander’s cargo-cult, and most impressive (thereby most threatening) is the fairer skinned east-Asian’s shogunate. Look at the fruits of liberation and social reform, regardless of the natural-leadership of otherwise admirable (if not for their fanaticism-induced naivety) men; Spartacus to John Brown to Vladimir Lenin— we can see world underclass-rebellion as a biological phenomenon, independent of these idealistic revolutionaries. Lesser types need not be stirred by starry-eyed idealists. The “French” Revolution was the theatre for Latin and Celtic peasants, who were left vulnerable to miscegenation by way of their exclusion from the upper echelons, to revolt against the purebred Germanic aristocracy: La Ancien Régime. The “Russian” revolution too saw the Nordic-Romanov Tsar and his entourage (appropriately called the whites) overthrown by weather-beaten Finnic-Mongoloids. It in no way debunks this hypothesis that such revolutions gave rise to powerful central governments. The brown “French” peasant did not nearly conquer the civilised world, bright-faced Napoleon did. The reason that the American south’s slave rebellions did not end in like manner to the Haitian savagery is that tall-standing Lincoln was there to establish draconian law. We can observe Aryan men exuding Authoritarian power, even on the heels of coloured disorder. This timeless global war has been host to every number of reoccurring natural phenomenon because the same components have been present in each of these given scenarios. In our present time we can observe the rise of World colour under the assistance of western medicine, technology, and statecraft— OUR Civilisational Inheritance. As has always been the case, our people have their heads in the clouds and their necks exposed to every slash and stab that our duskier underclasses are happy to dish out. High-minded idealism is the expression of our instinct. We can wonder all we would like about why the children of Europe allow themselves to violated by alien-types, perhaps we can even blame them for their own dragging-deaths. It’s apparent that the naked-jungle dweller has only been able to coexist in any meaningful sense under the yolk of slavery or colonial subjugation. Meanwhile our communal and benevolent imperial efforts always apportion so much liberty and social trust, which are gradually sold away on the free-market of diversity.