Gothic Christianity: The Militant Cult of Blood Purity

Notice: Presented here is a case of experimental writing in which a very particular strain of the European priest caste is explained as holding an utterly unchristian and anti-Christian disposition, we discourage Christianity, we discourage and detest any attempt to replicate what is detailed below. The article ‘Civilisation or Syphilisation’ is the final arbiter on this matter:

The picture that we will attempt to paint is one of utmost glory and esteem, far removed from the filthy tarnished image of present predicament. We sympathetically acknowledge that one cannot so much as catch a glimpse of the present state of that most vile disease that some call “Christianity” without recognising a sick, pathetic, waste, in urgent need of being stamped out like a pestering insect. We certainly do not fault those who are rightfully unimpressed, or even revolted, by the Nation of the Baptised. What possible other reaction could a man of taste have? To the present dregs who call themselves “Christians”, irregardless of whatever poisonous “denomination” they’re attached to, faith is a crutch. Among the “religious”, few are able to match the sincere devotion of the faithful who have gone before, next to none are able to discern authentic tradition from innovation and heresy. The limp-wrist,the cuckold, and the coward carry to the desecrated church-house an egregious embarrassment—to these despicable perverts; hijacking the pulpit is only a means to obtaining any semblance of dignity. Underneath these bleeding-heart weaklings are the innumerable masses of the coloured-world who have their own short-term plans; to them “Christianity” means eating out of the open hand of the white-man. These are like slimy crustaceans who have stuck themselves to bottom of the sinking ship that is western civilisation. The few of upright character who remain within this horrendous display usually do so out of an admirable loyalty to the “Faith of Our Fathers”, they would be without fault if only they wouldn’t mistake such Sacrilege for the ‘Holy Faith’. Some, even those men of discriminating palate, might object to our sharp condemnation as “unchristian” of us, or perhaps a “cruel misunderstanding of religion”. What is the Christian Faith and what are its principles? It has been proposed by otherwise brilliant thinkers that “Christianity” is a “Roman-slave rebellion”, a “Universal-Egalitarianism”, or an “Eastern- Desert-Religion”. We would contest these as libel. Because it is incumbent upon a layman to be granted the authorisation of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in order to discuss matters of doctrine we will instead maintain focus on historical clues and secular credentials in order to make our case against the libellous assaults of both nominal “christians”, who pervert the faith, and those antichrists, whose assault on real hogwash has falsely accused the Christian Faith of the sins of the inauthentic. Let us begin with a justification for this approach: Our ancestors were sustained by the wisdom of tradition, we too are cognisant of this very fact because of the same traditional wisdom. We owe to the legacy of our forebears our own lives, for had it not been for their willingness to risk life-and-limb we would not have been so much as conceived, nor our fathers before us. Through their own memoirs of epic-tales we have been gifted the treasures of the past, absent of pollution by those lowly details that proved to be less than noteworthy. Our Tradition: The New Age, begins with the Crucifixion, Anno Domini, the Year of our Lord.

What we know of prehistory, or the eras preceding the advent of Christ, was recorded by brotherhoods of scholarly-monks, included among them are the ancient Levitical orders, Greek Socratics, and Roman College of Priests, later the Christian Monastery. Historiography as an ancient priestly-art lends credence to our proposal of a timeless holy-war, it also justifies historical study as a valid source of theological conclusion. Chiefest among our historical inheritance are those most notable immortals of legend: Alexander, Julius Caesar, Constantine, Charlemagne, and Barbarossa; gods among men whose unmatched martial prowess and megalomania manifested into the peak of power: The Holy Empire, The Priest-King, and the Divine Right, the most regal gems of Christendom. Alexander conquered barbarism and spread Hellenism throughout the daunting plains heralding the advent of the Gospel of Christ and Christian Scholasticism, permeated with superb Hellenic philosophy from Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine. Julius Caesar’s Roman Empire established the seat of Godlike power; Emperor of Rome. Constantine’s vision on the battlefield christens the Throne of Rome, joining Temporal Imperium with Spiritual Supremacy. Charlemagne, claiming this most Holy Prize for the Aryan stronghold, unites the western Germanic tribes under the Cross, his work is renewed under the reign of Frederick I Barbarossa who grants the title of ‘Sacrum’ to the Sacrum Imperium, evolving gradually into the most honourable title: The Holy Roman Empire of The German Nation. Our forefathers’ legacy; Christendom, stands on the shoulders of the mightiest giants, this is no egalitarian spell for the lowly. Europe was christened, not through the conniving of the foreign subversive, but under the heels of the Cross-bearing nobleman—the high-cultured thoroughbred. It is known that upon a tribal chieftain or lord’s acceptance of baptism, his people would join in his baptism as a token of obedience, thus the conversion of the European tribes was a top-down, ultra-hierarchical revitalisation of imperial vigour. Christianity brought to Europe revitalisation after the collapse of decadent old Rome, the Divine Right of Kings, the renewed office of Pontifex-Maximus, the selective breeding security of Feudalism, and European mutual defence, but what did it replace? This question is a contentious one. Many are willing to overlook the splendid gifts and graces of the Christian Epoch in order to chase the dragon, so to speak, of neopaganism. These neopagan ingrates have concocted a simply-speculative fantasy of “pre-Christian” polytheism which is frankly ahistorical and incongruent with the records of prehistory, as preserved by the priestly-scholars. The Christian Legions waged relentless war on Idolatry and that is certain, though the entailments of “Idolatry” are largely unknown by mainstream historians. Thankfully, the scholarly priesthood of Jerusalem who preserved the Old Testament gives us countless examples of “Idolatry” in the hairiest sense of the word. The book of Elijah, chapter 23 is supposed to use fornication as a metaphor for Idolatry. In this passage, young virgins are bruised and deflowered by foreigners whose “members are as the members of horses” and issue [of semen] are as the issue [of semen] of donkeys”. Hosea chapter 4 describes idolatry as “whoredom”, lusting after “wooden idols”. It’s evident that idolatry is a major sin of a sexual nature, and that “idols” were kept for purposes of lewdness. How is this biblical understanding of Idolatry corroborated by secular sources? Is not primal myth filled with bestial-hominid hybrids? Minotaurs, Centaurs, Satyrs and Nymphs, Leda and the Swan, Europa and the Bull, Eve and the Serpent? What of shape-shifting? Metempsychosis? Heathen berserkers who can “take the form of beasts”? It was a plea to save Europe that the cup of divine wrath was poured out, this was neither a unique instance nor the last of its kind. The Germanic-rooted european tribes should consider themselves lucky to have been spared from the fates of our cousin-peoples. Egypt’s pharaonic dynasty was eclipsed by negroid mongrels with crude features whose only “gift” to the Egyptian people was a massive ape-like rump, and a hippopotamus’ snout. Greece’s old population of blondes was swallowed up by a dark hirsute mulattos with satyr-like appearance. Rome, God forbid, was almost submerged by the multicoloured plebeian flood. This too was foretold in scripture, with particular attention paid to breed.

“For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: I have given Egypt for thy atonement, Ethiopia and Saba for thee.” -Isaiah 43:3

Ethiopia, Egypt, and Saba, each fallen from a former glory and subdued by negroid intermingling. Jehovah is evidently Lord of selective breeding, there are far too numerous verses about the purity of blood, endogamous pairing, and the status of Jehovah as “husband of Israel, the elect” that attempting to quote a mere handful would bypass a dozen times as many of equal or greater information. The Greeks have their legend of Kybele, the earth mother goddess who “ruled over a mountain of beasts”, this symbolism is contrasted with the Mount Olympus, if we allow this symbolism to aline with biblical parable we will be only encouraged to learn that the “Holy Mountain” is a pure progeny, and that to take wives from foreign peoples is known as “going down from the holy mountain”. Egypt, given for our ransom, was not without its many animal-headed gods, nor without a most infamous cult: that of the Mendes Goat, wherein, similar to the stories of satyrs and nymphs or the slut in the book of Ezekiel, a young virgin would be deflowered and inseminated by a goat. One only need acquaint himself with the legends Sodom and Gomorra, Pompeii, the “Tower” of Babel and other sights of divine judgement in order to determine why it is that Christianity smothered all Heathenry. What is meant when it is declared that Sodom lusted after “strange flesh”? Would it surprise one to know that morally-bankrupt Pompeii was host to banquets wherein women would fornicate with sea monsters? Who was this great founder of the Crusade against “idolatry”? Christ the avenger who overturns the tables in the “temple” where prostitution, especially in relation to animal breeding, had replaced the social-Darwinist law of Moses, who also destroyed the “golden calf”. These stories are to be understood according to the biblical definition of idolatry, an erotic one. The laws of kilayim, statements about prehistory, and explanations of idolatry according to Talmud provide an understanding of these biblical themes that a simple reading of the scripture alone would not reveal, though we are forbidden from suggesting that one take from the works of infidels and suppose to read the word of God. That the oral tradition confirms our identification of “idolatry” with miscegenation or inter species-copulation neither validates Jewry nor invalidates Racial-Christianity, rather it offers definitive proof that, along with the guilty confessions of the heathen themselves, impure breeding is the “forbidden fruit” of the perennial tradition of mankind.

This great shame of “original sin” is not one which we Christians arrogantly impose upon the gentiles, yet absolve ourselves of. The mothers and fathers of our people were ravaged by claws of idolatry, as were the mothers and fathers of Abraham, indeed our own faith is one of the sacrifice of unblemished flesh and pure blood, a renewal of our paradisal garden, our tree of life, i.e Undefiled Ancestry, Consanguinity, and Ancient Nobility. We humbly acknowledge the abundance of “prechristian” influence which permeates Christianity and rather than picturing Christ as a revolutionary, or Christianity as a revolution we can look to the attacks with which the enemies of Christ have tried to ruin his inviolate reputation. Skeptical historians presume to deal a great blow to Christianity by revealing that throughout history a great many prefigurements of Christ have appeared, and that a protochristianity can be clearly observed. It is a matter of so-far reputable fact that the ancient world did witness many evident prefigurements of Christ, the church has never shied away from this. As Roman Imperium can be shown to have paved the way for the Holy Church, so can those prefigurements of Christ be shown to have paved the way for the God-man himself to grace us with salvation through his triumph over the world. Our Church-Fathers believed in a heavenly sanctuary that was set aside for the righteous who died before Christ’s passion, after all he descended into hell following his death on the cross, as is attested to by the apostle’s creed, in order to rescue the virtuous among our unbaptised ancestors. Dante’s selection of Virgil as a spiritual-guide reflects a recognition by the Roman Catholic Church of a protochristianity which Virgil (see Eclogue 4) , among other notables, had practiced with saintly-excellence. Christ is as Orpheus, the honourable hero who sacrificed himself in combat against the unregenerate rites of Dionysus. Christ’s “victory over death” is the formula by which a Christian may “trample over serpents and adders”, each idioms for the Theomachy: Racial Holy War. Christ incarnated to renew the Sacred Tradition and was crucified by the same wanton maenads and their adulterer pithecanthropus lovers who, under the orgiastic spell of bestial lasciviousness, dismembered King Pentheus, as he, in identical manner to the Medieval Church, summoned the force of the state in order to crush Bacchic ritual perversion.

“Deliver, O God, my soul from the sword: my only one from the hand of the dog. Save me from the lion’s mouth and the horns of the unicorn” -Psalm 22:20-21

Ave Jesus of Nazareth: God himself, and the brightest shining example in a most splendid array of brilliant heroic-triumph over the dark-hordes! It is no wonder that among the “Germanic Church” i.e the Congregation of Wulfila, the Moses of his day, that Christ-Frauja was standardly worshiped as a god of war, adorned in imperial armour, trampling the serpent, scorpion, and lion. The admission that Christianity is none other than a Warrior-Cult solves the mystery of the parallel development of the Christian liturgy in the Catacombs, and the Mithraic liturgy in the Mithraeum subterranean lodge, both under the blessed motif of the luminous hero slaying the swarthy beast. These were not two, but one and the same. Now we may understand that the “Mithraic Martial Cult”‘s theorised effort to revive the Roman Empire was not merely a failed conspiracy—Rome was indeed revived, under the same cult too, only known by a new name: Mater Ecclesiae!

“Christianity” as a collection of pedantic hermeneutics is novel in comparison to the warrior’s Christianity which was to be understood as a living body: Christendom, The Nation of The Baptised. Not a universalist-commune of common principle, but a fraternity of brother-knights of an elite-obligation. Indeed, even the title of “Roman Catholic”, would seem incongruent with such a notion of humanism. For Roman, a local denotation, to be coupled with Catholic, a global connotation, implies the terrestrial reign of the Roman birthright. The Roman Christian Tradition, as headed by High-Priest and Emperor,defended by cleric, warrior, and warrior-cleric does not wax dissimilar to Christ’s earthly-ministry. The “Rock” upon which the Church was built is the Pontifex-Maximus, The Holy See, Throne of Rome, the White Stone, Sancti Petri Apostoli. This detestable anathema fantasy of “primitive-Christianity”, like neopaganism, has been concocted post-haste with intent to allege discrepancy between Christ’s apostolic council, and the Vatican’s Roman Curia. The fact of the matter is that Christ neither wrote an autobiography titled “the gospel”, nor did he participate in the ecumenical dialogues of his day. Our Christ brought judgement, condemnation, and justice.

“Do not think that I came to bring peace upon earth, not peace, but the sword” – Lord Christ— Matthew 10:34

Recall that the Nazarene disowned the Jews in no uncertain terms as a “brood of vipers”,an unmistakable reference to the bestial-taint of the mixed multitude whom the pernicious among the Israelites had assimilated into their own nation. He condemned the perversion of the Old-Temple religion (from which both Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism claim patrimony) which had begun the “washing of vessels” i.e the baptism (or mikvah-immersion) of the infidel-alien, the racial outsider, who had been forbidden from entering into the congregation of the Lord. Christ DID NOT spill blood for the salvation of all mankind, but for the “Elect” alone, the thoroughbred man, not of “this world”. Indeed his apostolate was comprised of men alone, each of the same stock, who, without hesitation, abandoned the desolate hybridised-jew, and in his stead sought the spry-animated European.

The Christening of Europe, as previously detailed, was a top-down martial-initiation of the Germanic tribes by royalty, and most notably of the Roman Imperial chair. If the Good Shepherd wished for a flock of cowards then he would have already proved to be a failure, if he had wished for an assembly of the mighty then his Worshipful Majesty is without doubt! Our Lord had not done so in vain (God forbid) when he manifested himself in wonder before the most aggressive Emperors of the World and before Paul of Tarsus, the Roman Zealot who traveled the hostile wilderness with sword and scroll. The ranks of the early Church are not remembered for weaklings or peasants, but for warrior-saints and courageous martyrs: brave men like Saint George or the Theban Legionaries, Athleta Christi!

When The Church Militant mobilised Knights of Honour against the heathen idols they had followed after the course of Moses and exterminated those bastards among the populace who had been beguiled of the demonic entities, e.g the mongrel offspring. This brings us to a fundamental understanding of Crusading as ethnic-cleansing. It is whined by Jews that the cross-bearers turned their shabby ghettos into smouldering ash, the Mohammedans shriek about massacres of “innocent civilians”, the oriental schismatics moan of Latin Christians’ cruelty to “fellow believer”. We need not apologise for the ruthlessness of these daring Knights, rather we should be forever grateful and we must joyfully thank God for their mercilessness in his service. These holiest relics of the Church: The Knightly Orders who, shedding their humanistic scruples, put on the full armour of God’s righteous judgement. These are racially exclusive brotherhoods of Christian knights who defended the Germanic nucleus and heartland from the ever constricting periphery of the realm. In the North and East the Teutonic Knights and Livonian Brothers of The Sword exterminated (for the most part) the Asiatic-Finnic peoples who had inhabited large swaths of Scandinavia and the Baltic Peninsula, resettling blonde Germans in their place. These same knights of the Northland established theocratic martial law to protect a caste system of yellow insectoid serfs under hardy Teutonic Barons and Bishops; justice for that most insidious race of the oriental terror. Further east were the famous missions of conquest to Jerusalem, explicitly to protect pilgrims and the “chosen people”, meaning the Frankish Germans of Jerusalem. In the south the great orders of Alcantara and Calatrava expelled the multicoloured Saracen infiltration under, once again the motif of the luminous hero; Saint James Matamoros, slaying the swarthy beast; the Arabs, Berbers and Moors. If their White hero conquering the black fiends is to be understood as anything other than a clear statement of racial-hierarchy then perhaps the codes of the Alcantara and Calatrava orders will dispel any ambiguity! These two orders, each originating in Visigothic Galicia— the single Spanish province that remained free of the 700+ years Moslem occupation e.g free from racial intermixture, only allowed men whose ancestry was Purebred European and without any Jewish, Mohammedan , or menial labourer descent! It remains clear that such laws were necessary in multiracial Iberia yet unnecessary in homogenous (at that time) Germania. The orders of Alcantara and Calatrava are also understood to differ from other Christian knighthoods in that they allowed members to marry so long as the bride was a “white virgin pure”. Again, we can clearly elucidate that such conditions were necessary to make known in multiracial territory yet went unsaid in zones of purity, in other words Templar “chastity” was not a castration, but a pledge to avoid taking wives from the infidels. These two Spanish knighthoods of explicit racial discrimination did not end in freeing Iberia— in the late 1400’s white Spaniards would set sail for the new world under the red cross of Galicia and establish, once again, an explicitly racial theocratic caste system: The Encomienda.

The Ancient Tradition of our Race, most recently imagined by the contemporary philosophers of the Aryan-Germanic Weltanshauung: Hermann Wirth, Rudolf Von Gorsleben, Karl Maria Wiliguit, Alfred Rosenberg, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Dietrich Eckart and highest esteemed Dr Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels, was unanimously understood to be no other than protochristianity!

“In Christ, the embodiment of all manliness, we find all that we need. And if we occasionally speak of Baldur, our words always contain some joy, some satisfaction, that our pagan ancestors were already so Christian as to have an indication of Christ in this ideal figure.” – Dietrich Eckart

The Common Era, Year of Our Lord, did not begin the earth anew, rather Christ the God-man authorised the christened faithful to neuter and trample-under-foot the Satanic Beast-man, reigniting the holy war. Thus the renewal; the cleansing blood of Christ, Son of God, washed away the foul-bestiality cults of the heathens!

Now, ask yourselves, dear reader; what miracle is it that we should be entrusted with such regal wisdom? We are born into times of diminished value as a throw-away generation. What right is it that we, sharing the abode of the common herd, should be heirs to the promise of princes and prophets? Think now of the legend of Joseph, the humblest of men. How was it that this simple carpenter, who would have otherwise passed from this world without note, was engaged to that most pure Lady, selected from among the creation; the most noble of all women: Holy Mary, Mother of God, The Queen Mother, the Most Virginal and Immaculate, clean of ALL SIN— original and actual! We don’t fool ourselves so much as to look past the absurdity that this purest virgin-daughter of kings, priests, prophets, and legends would have been entrusted to the care of a craftsman. Yet, absurd as it may be, we — the unworthy children of ignoble times — are, like Saint Joseph, betrothed to the most Immaculate Wisdom of The Holy Mother Church, the Whole and Inviolate domain of of Emperors and Heroes, and to this Chaste and Undefiled Womb is born the Son of God—even among animals in a lowly stable!