The Apoclyptic World -Conspiracy of Black Magicians against Aryan-Christendom

Satanic-Masonic Animistic-Pagan Liberalism against Rightful Aristocratic Kingship:Institutions of hierarchy and order are implementations of mercy. While it is well within the ability of the conqueror to liquidate the enemy, he instead may choose to spare him from the Sword altogether and to bring him under the Sceptre. Such was the case of the establishment of Western Civilisation as we know it today. It was only out of the kindness of his heart that the conquering white man might have shared the benefits of civilisation with his colored captive, yet not so much so that the pet he had taken into his house might overtake him and, God forbid, play husband to his wife or father to his children. While the forefathers of Western Civilisation did believe themselves to be part of a kind of universalist civilizing mission they knew no equality nor did they dream of racial-harmony, they had first hand expirience of the struggle of nature and knew that where there is conflict or tension there cannot be equality, only dominion or submission— victory or defeat. They knew that for competing lifeforms to coexist that the merciful must be made to feel themselves superior and that those who live at their mercy must be made to feel themselves subjugated, these are basic preconditions of parenting and marital relations, and as family and consanguinity are the foundations of tribe so too are slavery and serfdom the foundations of society. Today we find ourselves ruled by our former slaves, we find that while our feelings of superiority have been discouraged and have faded away our mercy has persisted and has become more of a handicap than a virtue.

When we speak of “institutions of hierarchy” we are not talking about commonalities between distant models of social development, no. We affirm the existence of an ancient universal order that had once ranked creation of which the caste system of India, based on “Varna” or colour, the Feudal system of Europe, and the Bushido of Japan are each remnants. Nevertheless rank is a universal feature of all civilisation and a necessary condition for development. Now, we should never make the mistake of praising or upholding the dignity of hierarchy in and of itself; for patrician Rome and pharaonic Egypt begat the chaotic mix of the Mediterranean, Aryan India is now the house of the apeman Hanuman, Japan, though still fairer skinned than the rest of yellow Asia, has internalised some of the most primitive traits of the lesser peoples whom their brilliant forebears conquered. In each of these cases we observe the underlying trend of social class as a security measure against blood-pollution. The finely bred core of the nobility is surrounded by rings of varying degrees of purity of which only the most certain are acceptable for breeding. This is precisely the protocol by which specimens of selective-breeding have achieved vastly more, even as a non-sustainable inbred elite, than have the majority of the more rugged common peoples. Indeed all of the great achievements of civilisation spring from a core nucleus of what can truly be called a master-race, the purest aristocracy of the most homogenous land: the fortress and heart of Europe: Germania. It was from this conqueror people that came the great military cultures of the world and thus the greater defence from mixture with savages. In cases where mixture was tolerated it was confined to the bottom of the barrel, thus we have a class of knights and barons ruling over the serfdom of ants and bees. In the other instances discussed the conqueror had cited his divine ancestry to justify his mastery, in our case, because it was confined to the Christian epoch we see nobles as the legates of the Christian Faith, their status justified by divine right. In contrast to this there was the paganism of the peasant, indeed even the word pagan itself is derived from a term denoting lowly breed. It is not far fetched to say that the noble considered himself a different breed entirely from his subject, even the patriarchs Shem, Ham, and Japheth were cited as the ancestors of the different classes, only later was it applied to the origin of different races. We are now reminded of Hitler’s notion of Culture Creators, Culture Bearers, and Culture Destroyers. We have already traced the origin of the Nobility to a heavenly lineage, so now it seems there are no other options than to conclude that the peasantry is of a converse bestial descent, and how much lower then are those foreign peoples who remained untouchables, outside of the feudal hierarchy altogether? Surely the Indian prince is of no greater worth by himself than the Latin plumber of whom he looks exactly alike, it was only in his juxtaposition to his duskier inferiors that any authority could be afforded to him. So, in all of these cases monotheism, also known as monarchy, is uprooted by an “idolatrous”(adulterated/mixed) slave class, and indeed it is only within the confines of the sacral that Nobility is born, and within the mixing jug of the whore of Babylon that the pernicious mongrels are even permitted to breathe the air of life.

“Whilst the yellow races have viewed themselves as sprung from monkeys, the White traced back their origin to gods, and deemed themselves marked out for rulership.” – Richard Wagner, Master of Bayreuth

Herodom and Christendom

Indeed, their indiscrimination, disregard, tolerance, and open-mindedness: each are destructive mental illnesses and sexual paraphilias that join them to the undifferentiated types of the transitional world, the majority of which only fossils remain.

Truly, Animism and paganism are both reproductive strategies, leftovers from the primeval ape-man, that seek ultimate value from quantity, as opposed to quality, of which theirs is next to none. All of this search for meaning in “nature” or other abstractions is truly indicative of birth without reason, that these useless dregs really don’t have any meaning within them and are searching for it in vain. It really shouldn’t take an entire blog-post to draw an equation between such pantheism and modern egalitarianism/liberalism, though it is apparent that many of the most important implications of this parallel are simply glossed over. When we speak of liberalism it is not only spoken of as it pertains to the modern hysteria of the left but also of the germ of this hysteria; renaissance “enlightenment” rationalism and libertarianism. By ‘liberalism’ it is meant the suspension of judgement or the extension of empathy, either of the two ignores pattern recognition and categorization as a function of animal-psychology that ensured the survival and aggregation/speciation of kinds, peaking in humanity.

The inability of the egalitarian to exercise this discretion removes them from the ecosystem and relegates them to the pit of the outcaste—the tschandala. Liberalism is, in effect, a resignation of one’s own humanity because of course, as much as leftists have been at the forefront of evolutionary education, they acknowledge man’s role at the top of the food chain yet deny him this privilege claiming he is magically liberated from nature’s struggle by virtue only of his walking on two legs—in doing so they have forfeited their place at the table and may only beg on all fours like dogs for scraps. Their sick bestialities strip man down to nakedness and castrate him of his high-headed crown. This is the regressive consequence of animism, or the personification of all creation. It was precisely this all-inclusive attitude that hindered any biological progress for the colored races , allowing no specimen of selective-breeding to emerge, thus preserving them in an undifferentiated existence between ape and man, with danger of polluting the latter’s blood and bringing the former closer and closer to the realm of the proper humans. This that we are discussing is the phenomenon of attributing humanity to flora and fauna, this brings us back to the mists of the primordial world where speciation between creatures was less pronounced … this is the stay-behind mire of those hominids who did not practice speciation and selective breeding, i.e all non-Aryan hominids, that is, those who have continually cohabited with wild beasts. To the native American Indians there are not individual souls but rather “spirit animals” and accounts of transspecies shape-shifting, they share these abominations with the Africans and other primitive “peoples” whose attitudes concerning the natural world would seem to imply a belonging to, rather than a distinction from, the wilderness. These primordial attitudes were preserved through totemism and metempsychosis to the heathen world, though to the Race of Heroes their practice was anathema, known for bestiality and the breeding of hybrid monstrosities, of which the hero-sages had continually battled with and exterminated, with survivors living on in the bloodlines of peripheral populations. The insidious bestial-intermixture has a nasty habit of reasserting itself through a process known as atavism, an epigenetic occurrence whereby certain archaic impulses emerge. This ancient perversion has awarded to sub-man, animal, and geographical formation, what true mankind alone is entitled to: Dignity and Authority. Take, for example, vegans who project personality onto animals and attempt therefore to grant them rights or protections under the law, there are also environmentalists who insist on the integrity of trees, rainforests, or mountain-peaks. Only the liar could pretend that these ridiculous efforts are any different from those who doomed us all by insisting on the intrinsic worth of the savage colored races, or the hereditary handicapped for that matter. It is worthy of note that the fasting customs of the Egyptians and the Subcontinental Indians often preclude the eating of meat due to an assumption of interrelatedness with livestock (Hindus claim matrilineal descent from the cow), these same locations have a history of animal headed gods and all sorts of abominable monstrosities. In conjunction with the Ancient Greek historiographer Euhemerus’ claim that the “gods” are actual valid accounts of mortals from whom the various races descend, it would then seem that they are not mistaken in their self-assessment. Think about the automatons of hellenistic mythology, the golems, fertile statues, and the aphrodisiacal Hebrew idiomatic interpretation of “stone” and “wood”. There are also legends across the globe of vegetable-animal hybrids, for example the vegetable lamb of tartary, the Adnei Hasadeh (more likely a beastman) attached by his umbilical cord to the soil according to the Talmud, and the Yggdrasil/Irminsul once a relic of the legendary Armanic priesthood, later desecrated by the onanistic rituals of Finnic toilers. The book of Genesis’s trees of knowledge and of good and evil also come to mind considering the sexual nature of the fall of man and the use of “tree” and “fruit” as erotic, sometimes illicit, idioms in the Semitic languages (see medieval renditions of the “Root of Jesse”). The monstrous abominations of the heathens , especially of the savage races have always been detested by the Heroic caste who rooted out the bestiality cults, destroying their idols (sex-pets), and carving out of the chaotic sludge an order of creation. While it is commonplace for the sub-hominids to partake in the filthy adultery, we descendants of the Conquering-Germanii are graced with a discriminating palate and our lineages are free from their taint.

“Dear ladies, tell me honestly, whose wives would you be today if noble men, if god-like Siegfrieds, had not torn you away from the Sodomite monsters, if they had not put you in warm nests, if they had not defended you sword in hand throughout thousands and thousands of years against Slavs, Mongols, Moors and Turks? Choose between us and those sons of Sodom, have yourselves sexually serviced on the mound of corpses of your husbands who fell in battle- as so many of your mothers’ mothers did! Take them to your husbands’ houses, so they can make harem slaves of you, so you can become the mother of a brood of lascivious, blood- thirsty beasts, who know no motherly or wifely love! What woman is today she has become thanks to the sword and power of man. Man wrestled woman from the apes of Sodom, and for this reason she is his property!” – Meister Jörg Lanz Von Liebenfels (God bless him)

Theozoolgy (a priceless masterpiece)

All history is the conflict of races, it has thus far presented itself as a war of the bottom against the top (theomachy) unfolding as the dark races clutching at the heels of the white races. The whites having the “divine rite” to rule and the others, most especially the black African race, prospering through no means but chattel-slavery. Race relations are analogous to the relation of the dog to his master. The master will always be entitled to greater dignities than the dog, this does not mean that the dog is disadvantaged by the master’s privilege, it is only disadvantaged by its limited design and inferior capacity. We must not flee from the label of “white-supremacist” not should we ever claim that superiority and inferiority are in the eye of the beholder. We must instead take up the mantle of the Greek in seeing all outsiders who have not bent to our whim as barbarians. This is the very attitude that preserved the Israelites in a multiracial-Babylon, they maintained their endogamy and peculiar morality as they smashed golden-calves and saw the heathen drowned before them. We have wrestled the jungle from the ape, and thus we are granted the potential to lord over creation, we have saved our women from the dragon’s grip and thus we are their masters. Can the primitive beast-men make the same claim —or are have they neglected to act time and time again, hardly have they been able to keep their more wild primate cousins from the wombs of their females, have they asserted themselves above the rest of creation in domesticating livestock for themselves or mastering the manipulation of the seasons as we have taken for granted? Some of them haven’t even so much as discovered the function of the wheel of their own volition! This is verily a ‘chicken and the egg’ riddle; has our civilisational inheritance produced the genius of our race or was it this innate genius that fashioned civilisation out of barbarism? Likewise, was it the moral laxity and psychical lethargy of the ur-races that left them frozen in time as Stone Age throwbacks, or is their sorry state the very result of their inferior descent that forever anchors them down? A possible antidote to this dilemma is found in the understanding that as we begin to tolerate impudence we slowly forfeit our own civilisation inheritance via the pollution of blood. The White Man has endured the crumbling of our traditional standards of discrimination at the claws of these beasts and we are now left tranquillised in a haze of boredom, humiliation, frustration, and longing, doggy-paddling in exhaustion, trying to stay afloat in the black lagoon. This is because our civilizational inheritance is a hierarchical order of creation with no room for the costly life.

First it was insisted that the noble and the corse were somehow equal to one another in the eyes of God, then the negro slave was “ a brother and a man”. Their zoo of a universal brotherhood of “man” pretended to possess the fatherhood of God, usurping for their own perversity the Lord of regality and, having other gods before him, they fashioned a most grotesque idol upon his face so as to embody their pack of mongrel bastards and anthropozoa of illegitimate birth. From polytheism’s fantastical assumption of universal equality/unity came humanitarian pacifism to challenge the struggle of the heroes and the divine right of kings.

As previously mentioned these assaults on the dignity of man are pathogenic and have their germ in the perfidious witchcraft of the Masonic lodge, the infected carrier of animism and the unholy adulteress-mother of hysterical-liberalism. The Masonic lodge is where this atavistic tendency towards pantheistic egalitarianism actually meets the ancient cult of the foe that has survived like a cockroach despite the best efforts of the Church’s inquisitions to exterminate heresy and infidelity. It was the doing of the lodge when the “Celts” in France, not any longer the descendants of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, but the sickly sons of pirates, head-hunters, Leprechauns and Formorians, together with their Arabic-quadroon “Latin” allies, herded peasant columns against the Divinely Sanctioned Germanic Frankish Aristocracy during the “French” revolution where merely possessing blonde hair, or a brilliant complexion, was enough to illicit the guillotine due to suspicion of bleeding blue blood . When the Filipino monkeys began to drop from the trees and maul their Spanish benefactors it was with the assistance of ‘the craft’. This is the same depressing tale that is told in all of the New World, in Europe, the Far East, in Russia, and in America proper. Freemasonic agents of destruction march armies of dirty pagan beastmen against godly nobility. The Muslim and Schismatic degenerates,appropriately called the “black hand”, who killed the fair Archduke are not as they are made out to be: a handful peaseant nobodies who triggered the Great War. No, in fact the Great War was a massive slaughter of heroic blonde Europeans at the frontline while disloyal Jewish and mediterranean industrialists with connections to the lodge capitalized on the destruction of European nations. Where the Holy Alliance could have been resurrected and Germany could have once again led the sublime legions of Christian emperors, instead the nobility of the world was led astray by devious elements, leading to the destruction of ALL true monarchy in Europe, with the Second World War merely finishing the task that they had begun in the first; namely the expropriation of ALL overseas European colonies and even the usurpation of the Catholic Church’s dominion, leaving church property to be plundered and converted into an extension of the maket place by the enemies of God. These are the same deviants who mesmerised the negroid-zombies against their French masters under, once again Haitian-voodoo another pantheistic “syncretic” concoction. Then we have the dubious “Grand Orient Lodge”, a bastion of leftism and coloured-upheaval from whose slimy snatch was birthed the black-muslim and “black-power” circuses in the United States, expressly desiring to unite the “Asiatic-races” (meaning dark skinned peoples) against Christendom. This same “Grand Orient Lodge” delivered to the world the curses of Turkic mobilization through the anti-German ‘Young Turk’ movement and godless Tatar-Bolshevism. No doubt they are also responsible for the antichrist Chinaman’s “Boxer Rebellion”,fueled entirely by demonic possession. In addition to the “young-Turks” there were also a number of other ultra-liberal freemasonic “young” titled organizations across Europe, each sought to overthrow, the “old” world, similar to the goals of the Scottish-rite American Revolutionaries and their rugged colonial detestation of the polite, petite, and gentle “old-world”, in other words: The Holy Ancient Heritage of the Teutonic-Gothic Family of Nations. One such “young” titled insurrection in Italy pledged themselves to attack high-cultured Austria and Roman Catholicism, and to force Lombard and Norman White Italians to suffer the ingratitude and vulgarity of the Arabo-negroid-magrebi south. We’re now reminded of the old northern Italian saying: “Garibaldi did not unite Italy, he divided Africa.” By gaping the boundaries of mankind the tolerant have begged for evermore inclusion and have jerked away at the pole of separation between lowest common denominator and outcaste. They have succeeded in enacting their demonic scheme, there is scarcely a rural Germanic enclave in either Europe or the European Diaspora that does not have a Masonic lodge or a Protestant outpost of the communist and freemasonic ‘World Council of “Churches”’—emotionally manipulating blonde families into adopting riotous negro apelings into their very own homes and ,necessarily, their daughters’ hymens. This has become the standard procedure for these agents of adultery. Where they once formed lodges tasked with challenging the authority Ancien Régime, or of the Papal States, or of the Nordic Tsar, or of ceasing the worship of the White gods under the Spanish colonies in Latin America and the Pacific—they now merely host bake sales for the exploding populations of the third world and encourage naïve Aryans to allow jungle-animals to tug on their heartstrings in place of their more befitting tropical-vines. Actually inaction has taken the place of revolution for the pagan left, there is no driving force behind this carriage anymore, the rider, realising himself unworthy of his humanity, aborts his place atop the saddle and awaits the spawn of Adam Kadmon, or the Monad, the undifferentiated type without language, race, or sex—theoretically the primordial sludge of evolutionary mythology, verily the man of sin and lawlessness. What they have destroyed; Christian Theocracy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Colonialism, Slavery, and Nation, et cetera had long upheld the ancient authority of the Creator and his finest handiwork.

Again, we emphasise, the destruction of the Arioheroic World Order has not been allowed to take place through the outwitting of the Nobles Caste by sneaky merchants of vice, rather it has transpired because the European Company of Nations was permitted to collectively forfeit the inheritance of their ancestors in exchange for promises of world-peace. This is not to say that the race is (consciously) to blame for her own desecration, it is in fact a novelty of the postmodern, post-mortem, age for our compatriots to have taken their dishonouring of their fathers to its logical conclusion and to have thusly renounced also even their right to take up the space that might otherwise be filled by the unleashed underclasses. We insist that our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), for our enemies needed only defrock the vanguard of culture in order to implement their criminal plot. For centuries our culture had been guarded from alien influence only by martial-warlords. From Spartans to Prussian Junkers to Caudillos and Juntas the golden gates of civilisation were kept only by ironclad gatekeepers. The only obstacle to the apes overtaking their gentle superiors was the disciplinarian, his armour and his arms. The enemy estimated that fratricidal impulses could be charmed in order to bring out the Cain in a race of Abels, they had found the chink in the armour and were therefore able to hasten the eruption of carnage that was the First, Second, and Cold Wars. Like the Nibelungen dwarves who had acted as blacksmiths for Godlike Siegfrieds, they had profited immensely off of the war industry and fed on the crushed bones and blood of the fallen dead of the European sphere during the First. Where Bülow had spoken of the hammer and the anvil as a parable of European Geopolitics before the Reichstag, he had been unaware that the tools would be rather in claws than in hands and that any forging would be done only for the rebuilding of the Judeomasonic counterfeit temple by a new leadership of another Julian The Apostate to suceed the court of Constantine . What appeared to be the dawn of a New Age wherein the champion of Europe, and thus world-domination, would be crowned ended unexpectedly in the surfacing of world-Jewry as the victor of both, not through the conquering of one power by another but through the capitulation of all sides to the a fanciful dream of world-peace, realistically a nightmare of world plunder by international finance capital. The pact of steel would shortly thereafter reorganize the defenses of the realm only to be utterly swept off their feet, already wobbly from the previous “defeat”. The knights and wehrbauern of the Germanic Nucleus of States (The European Company of Nations) would be cast away, with Generic Brand Pacifism in the west and Messianic Sovietism in the east, each manifestations of the Masonic engendering of the “Big Three”. Behemoth, the land powers of the east, and Leviathan, the sea powers of the west, had humiliated poor Job and no indication has yet appeared that God has not forsaken us. The world had then undergone a third scourge: the Cold-War. What had been wrongly perceived as a clash of civilizations was actually a cordinated campaign against civilisation with the mission of bringing the entire world under the mark of the Beast. The new millennia presented itself not as a ‘coming of age’, so to speak, but as a decapitation and castration. Where the time-sands in the hour glass of centuries XIX and XX were forbidden from adjunctly sifting by the clotting of wasted precious blood; the new century came as a thief in the night. Perhaps this ‘White Guilt’ is much alike a ‘Survivor’s Guilt’ in that; deep in our subconscious minds we mourn the sacrifice of our Civilisational Inheritence and lament that any of our emptied kind should have been spared whatever.

“Let the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said: A man child is conceived”

Job 3:3

This would certainly explain the tendency to compare each and every white-skinned person who has not yet flushed away his dignity to a “Nazi”. When those exuberant defenders of Berlin fought for Fatherland, even amidst the burning rubble of their own churches and homes, they had, as the Knights Templar, given their own lives courageously in defense of the ‘true cross’ against the Oriental Terror. In similar manner these heroes, though separated by hundreds of years, have also been defamed and demonised by “Church” and “State” or, more accurately— the despicable pretenders and impostors who have clothed themselves in the holy and stately regalia of their murdered victims. Thanks to the generation of our great-grandparents and grandparents we can now trace our descent no longer to an unbroken chain of heroic defenders and civilising-conquerors but instead to those survivors of the great catastrophe, who through cowardice or gullibility had circumvented the mass graves of the saintly fallen. After the manner of the rotten mob of Jerusalem, our fathers had excercised their democratic “freedom of choice” to free Baraabas the murder and to allow the blood of the Saviour to be on their hands and the hands of we: their children. As Cain and the Wandering Jew Ahasver we now share the peculiar curse of existing as self-hating strangers throughout all the earth, acting only as the agents of materialism and vice. Through his atrocious finagling, Judas the accursed has implicated us in his crime, and like him we have suffered the destruction of The Holy Temple: The Novus Ordo’s ceasing of The Sacrifice of The Mass, and the loss of Monarchy and Temporal Supremacy.

These, the values and valuables of high-culture, are looted away from us by the charioteers of riotous packs of apelings. It isn’t an accident that our enemies: the feminists, coloured agitators are led by a sort of demonic priesthood of homosexuals and Jewish-Marxists. These excuses for life are eternally stunted and cursed— they can neither create nor participate in the fabric of value and they’re left bitter because of this fact. The Jew is the accursed wandering parasite, the coloured savage has the imprint of the beast upon his pelvis and cranium alike, the woman and the homosexual together are forever stunted; the woman with her undeveloped penis: the clitoris, and the homosexual with his pubescent infantilism and embarrassing immaturity. These each do the bidding of their cumbersome misfortune and cannot do help themselves to do any other. It was not because he was a bully that the cultured man enslaved the defeated, bound the woman in the kitchen, the swindler in the ghetto, and the homosexual in the closet! The wages of sin only conclude to be death when we consider that the ecclesiastical authority was the very author of these obligatory conditions!

Though our dominion is no longer exercised, our civilisational inheritance is not yet lost. The rabble still persist at the mercy of the “productive member of society” and we, if we are to be anywhere close to philosopher-kings, then we should know better than to allow sentimentality to constrain us from achieving the entitlements our birth-right. Embrace ruthlessness! The meek who has forfeited his own dominion for the sake of abstract morality need not worry about whether or not he may “inherit the earth” for the earth and the fullness thereof remain out of grasp, not because of our lack of restraint,God knows the opposite is true, but because of our relaxation of the whip of cords and the rod of iron! When you think of the enemy do not let your mind consider his “human dignity”, the conspirators have forfeited any claim to ‘humanity’ and are guilty of high-treason. The dragon and his fiery breath; the flood from his mouth— the multitudes of peoples and tongues— await the likes of a Saint George. Unless we are prepared to loose thunder and lighting from the cloudy heights, then the lizards will defile and deflower the great work of the ages and it would be better that such beauty should have never manifested itself upon an earth of dangers!

“Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live!

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf