The Holy Grail as Elect Pedigree:

As diversity-addicts so often gloat: “people” come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. The “human family” is indeed a diverse bunch, and typical-peculiarity has scarcely survived the volkswanderung; the scattering of nations over the face of the earth. Purity of type has gradually declined and the selective breeding traditions of the pure have been looted away from us by heinous marauders. In mating there is no longer any attention paid to physiognomy, to lineage, or to chastity. Because of this indolence; death, deformity, and prurience have overtaken the world. Never shall the collapse be declared to be “multiculturalism”! Rather our demise is the pouncing onto of the singular cultural polar-axis by swarming hordes of the uncultured. Of all of the featherless bipeds called men one type more than any other can be credited with civilisation, order,and discipline: the Aryan, truly the Masterrace and the pinnacle of creation. At the opposite pole is the Bonobo, the hedonist ape who passes the hours by spending his scrotum and jam-packing his gut full of fruit. It is obvious that those of their more “human” cousins result from some combination of the two, thus explaining both difference in cultural mentality and bipolarity among individuals of mixed blood.

What we propose is that Endogamy, or more vulgarly Inbreeding, as secured by selective breeding (arranged marriages) is the Holy Grail and the promised Resurrection of The Flesh! That, as miscegenation is the downfall of civilisation, pure-begetting is its origin.

The heir of civilisation should stay ever vigilant and keen with the epics, parables, and tragedies of the heroic tradition close to his heart. This is not to say that we should attempt to replicate in identical form the Shakespearean romances of past—Quite the contrary! What is the lesson of Othello? Us racialists can boast about how miscegenation left a trail of bodies, but so too did the folly of Romeo and Juliet—Hamlet also! The great sage William Shakespeare left for his posterity lucid warnings about the dangers of “free-love”!

Rebellion against sexual fidelity (strict endogamy) is the original sin! What more proof of our claims do we need than that the Scholastic-Monks preserved as the Origin Story a tale of the curious maiden’s beguiling by the mysterious serpent: casting humanity out of the paradisal garden! The woman’s appetite for the exotic , not unlike the modern whore with her African and Arab sex pets, rebelled against the will of God: The Allfather, and against her husband: The Father of Mankind.

The parable is obvious to the discriminating man. Since the fall of Berlin at least, arguably far earlier, men like the apples of our eyes have been fighting an up-hill battle for all that is aristocratic and traditional. As men entitled to power, yet committed to loyal servitude we have been preparing the way of the sleeping Barbarossa and patiently awaiting his emergence. This our patriarchate is that to which we owe our full commitment with steadfast responsibility. If we can call our own selves true sons of our Father then we ourselves must father true sons of our own. Never burden yourself with the question of when and where the day of judgement will come— occupy yourself only with the question “what will I have left for the day of judgment”. To inherit civilisation is to take on the full yoke of the law and to mortify the flesh, to strive for the sacred and defeat the bestial-impulse. When the stomach growls because of neglect, when the muscles begin to drag like slugs, and most importantly: when the passions of the loins begin to boil inside and demand the release of vital steam, the knight thinks only of his quest.

For it was damaging enough that once a man would “fall in love” merely at the glimpse of a pretty face, though this behaviour is no where near as destructive as the modern foolishness of exchanging phone numbers with a strange female because her ass or tits causes the blood flow to leave one’s brain for the brief insanity of the nether-regions. Indeed, “romantic love” is the archenemy of the wise man. The hero is not satisfied with his lot until he has won it from the clench of the wily monster! In this age especially there can be no respect paid to the consent or whim of the free woman. We are to be their saviours! From this blackest beast of the satanic-spell: we must not kindly ask that they request their freedom— that is the way of the coward! Because the fathers and mothers of our people no longer select bride for groom we must harken back to the forefathers for marriages arranged with definite, swift, judgement and ferocity. Verily, dominus providi, thanksgiving for the lord’s blessing of good fortune in this his sacrament can not be ignored. Nevertheless, idle hands are the devil’s. To test the patience of Almighty God as an excuse for personal-laziness is a greater sin than to aim high without becoming easily content.

That spontaneity, lust, or simple luck is allowed to generate new lives is a criminal offence against life itself. Have we as the chosen people forgotten the wisdom of the fathers? That a Samson, the slayer of thousands, could fall from grace by the frail hands of a sex-crazed foreinger Delilah is total absurdity, yet just as much is it total truth. What is the fate of the hero Lohengrin when the woman Elsa “speaks his name”? It is “disappearance”! The White Swan Knight, summoned in God’s name to defend the Ariogermannen from Asiatic Hunns, fades away at the fault of feminine curiosity. The realm is soon stolen from Christly Monarchy and defiled under malicious idols of fornication at the invitation the whore Ortrud. Similar is the fate of King Solomon and the people of Israel. Though a brilliant and graceful dictator, sitting on priceless treasures, all it took was an immature rendezvous with that “comely” yet dreadfully swarthy mistress that struck him dead in uncleanliness. This account is the same poetry that compares their “love” to Sheol, HELLFIRE! If not for this excellent lesson then the Songs of Solomon would read as smut, not as the word of God. There are perennial truths in these “fairytales”!

Chaste Knights and Faithful Brides are the fathers and mothers of the Race of Heroes whose particular likeness is identical across allegedly disparate cultures. Greek busts, illuminated manuscript illustrations, the classical paintings of Rubens. We clearly observe, not many peoples over many ages, slowly suffocating in a multicultural melting pot, but one holy grail of pure blood frozen in time! The tiermenschen tschandala is blind to the radiance! In Wolfram Von Eisenbach’s Parzival the Magpielike half-negro son of Parsifal’s Father is rendered a heathen by the impurity of his lineage and he therefore cannot join his pure half-brother in the enjoyment of the knight’s sacrament. This character Feirefiz is intended as a representation of the defects of Parsifal (his inclination to sin and circumvent his ultimate destiny). Not only in this legendary tale do we see the truth of the Grail as Elite Pedigree, but also of the bipolarity springing from animal-bastardisation, the origin of all virtue in Royalty, and therefore of all vice in slavery. It is absolutely crucial to mention that, in accordance with previous hypotheses about Christianity and feudalism, that dark skin is considered as the mark of the heathen in this legend, this pearl being as little known as it is rare in Christian literature. Like israel at the beginning of her decline we, the elect, must put our trust in the the blood of the lamb that decorates the entrances to our “houses”: all without this decor are not spared from the plagues of wrath or the angel of death!