Of Übermensch and Underdog

Men of refined taste are not often weighed down by the same draining baggage that is packed onto the back of the common herd animal. The asinine, the unclean, the bestial— these are for the discriminating palate a saddle atop which to ride, not existences to be suffered. When the heroic type: the crystalline choleric-melancholic, separated from boil-off, comes down from his first estate and sets aside his regime so that he may ponder the aspirations of the worldly he is only casting pearls before swine. For to concern oneself with the opinions, desires, or even the ambitions of the mass-man is to fundamentally afford more credit than is due to the mob. The herd-animal knows no humanitas, in his obsolescence he has squandered away his dignity. We must never grant him what he himself has rejected. These creatures, in appropriate fashion, only return like dogs to their vomit, and will never, as fattened round pegs, fit back into the square gap of the feudal order. The herd-animal does not know a transcendent God—his many gods are his loins, his bowls, his bladder, his gut and whatever may offer the illusion of filling his empty being. What we mean to imply is that by seeking value or meaning in the common or the universal, the natural-philosopher disgraces himself and ,in granting humanity to the mob, he is, in effect, dehumanising himself and forfeiting his civilisation inheritance, thereby cheapening the value of his blood and decriminalising its shedding. It is incumbent upon the higher-minded men—thinkers of the right, to make no allowances for humanistic “morality”. We who find ourselves above and beyond the present chaos, that is, only those sons of pure lineage, still true to the tradition of the ancestors and heirs-apparent to the inheritance of all civilisation, are alone responsible for siphoning out this contamination.

The ascetic, the stoic, the ethical — these are the Sirenum Scopuli of the Argonaut voyager. These are false and destructive traps, marketed by snake-oil salesman as wonder-working miracle antidotes. These pimps have so caked the diseased faces of their philosophical-prostitutes that even the elect have been tempted and led astray by their false-soothsaying. A figurative banshee; first taking the beautiful image and delightful melody of a virginal daughter, the ghastly likeness of one who had prematurely died. Very much alike to these high-minded idealistic dreams, an airy apparition merely mimics youth, beauty, melody, and virginity, when the reality behind the facade is a worm infested corpse, and when one is made aware of the immense danger of such deception; the soothsayer’s words begin to sound less like the melodies of young virgins and more like the screeching cacophony of the banshee.

Of course we refer to those who would like to harken back to the classical liberal stage, to the enlightenment, or indeed to the difficult to interpret ,passed, time of Christianity. All which we should neither mourn nor look back upon lest we turn to a pillar of salt.

In this world where the only true rights are inherited and are vastly outweighed by responsibilities we need not any abridgement! The ‘gate-keeper’ belongs in the fire. He who needs a black face to parrot, or more fittingly to ape, the diluted mantra of the moderate that he has merely a right to exist is not any longer entitled to that right. By including outliers (women, homosexuals, racial aliens, communist sympathisers or others poisoned by liberalistic/ humanitarian religions) they have presumed to create a big tent and in reality have dissolved the barriers that we, if anyone, should be fortifying! Cut away at the flimsy pillars of the ‘big tent’ and suffocate all inside! They are sleazy thieves who lure away our brothers or our subjects with lurid futilities of ‘logos’, ‘the good’, the ‘hierarchy of needs’, ‘liberty’ or other such obfuscations of the one true reason for why we fight: Defence of the birthright that we are sworn to, without any liberty to forsake without also forsaking what it is that makes us who we are. We are fighting for our existence, not as it pertains to the mortal life but to the immortal tradition without which the mortal man is a walking corpse. One who truly knows what must be done might argue in favour of the carnival’s ‘big-tent’ by condemning “infighting” with a crowd of whom many are not even “in” to begin with. Besides the fact that the clowns wear multicoloured costumes, often including the rainbow, some may say that amidst that pöbelvolk there may be some white-men who are capable of being drawn away from some of the less desirable teachings and, in-turn, brought into the fold. Our answer to them is plain: Those disgruntled young men who might be otherwise taking their rightful place in the pile of martyred bones on top of which the New Man will appear, have been tied up in so tight a mental knot that any action whatever is stifled. When the time of renewal comes, this said despite missed opportunity after missed opportunity, we don’t want ‘individuals’ (perhaps not even those who would wish to be such a thing as an individual) who haven’t closed their hearts to pity or yet seen the light of ruthless hatred!