Against Pan-“European” Inclusivity

Notice:We do not maintain any opposition to whatever Europe-wide, or even global movement, which recognises the importance of race and implements policy in accordance with such a recognition. We only intend to dispel race-blind networking of any kind.

Not only the ‘Europe of Nations’ concept but also the ‘Europe: a Nation’ fantasy had an utterly disastrous impact on circles concerned with preserving the “traditional racial makeup” of “western civilization”. Some have taken up a ridiculous cosmetic-nationalism where a person is classified as a European, or even more comedically — a Caucasian merely for having fair skin or some other phenotypically European feature. Some of the more learned stooges have expanded their racial-understanding to include a “Caucasoid skeletal structure”. Then there is this silly elastic racism where a “person of European descent” is a de facto in-group member. Whatever the specifics are, there have been efforts made to squeeze entirely heterogenous populations together, and these claims, whether absolute or not, demonstrate a total betrayal of orthodox race-theory on the part of the “white-nationalist” movement and associated acts. Some whimper about “no more brother wars” or about “pan-European solidarity/unity”, some opportunists, against their own better judgments, conclude that we cannot “win this” as a house divided against itself. Most vocal among these types are the most obviously tainted among “Europeans”: usually southernmost Iberians, Latin-Americans, Greeks, or Central Asians who cannot in good faith (good faith being a leftover trait from their pure progenitors) look in the mirror and pretend to gaze upon anything other than an enemy. For none greater an attack could the foe have staged against the white race than to have sown his impure seed within their racial-garden, knowing full well that the merciful European man doesn’t have the spine to grit his teeth and eradicate costly life, especially not of the tainted sister, or the screaming bastard child. Further, no greater damage could have been done to the morale of a conquered people than to ensure that in a generation or two they would begin to differ less and less from their barbarian captor, that their desecrated mothers’ legs, hairier by the generation, would open and close to release and receive foreign flesh— it’s tear-jerking to fathom. Truly all impulse toward independence would be overrun by lethargy, life would be a conflicted tragedy. On top of these poor mongrels are the Americans, a breed of people with the characteristic bipolarity of the mulatto, a result of the sheer racial-chaos of their fake society and the generations long orgy— what they call “the melting pot”, a criminal intermingling of God knows what from God knows where. These American mutts, envying the pure Europeans’ family trees and not new world family bushes, are the reluctant zookeepers of the confused bunch of humanzees. So great is their detestation of the pure Europen that they even intentionally deviate from the traditional standards of what is already so ambiguous: a “European”, in order to align themselves with as diverse a pack as their guilt would allow them. With regards to the subscribers to such self-conflicted frauds, we understand far less —as usually this mental retardation is the expression of impure blood in conjunction with historical cluelessness. They imagine that they might wash off their stinking husks by bathing themselves in shallow geographic puddles, that is unless they, God forbid, like their half-breed savage ancestors before them, would attempt to conceal their dirt in the womb of a woman from one of the more refined breeding-zones of the European realm.

“But what about European unity and white nationalism?” Sentimental outbursts like these are not without their perfidious origins. For one, a haphazard historical revisionism comes in the same package as white-nationalist politics and has finger-painted a plethora of sloppy pictures; ididiotic scribblings that have become “movement” dogma. Wordsmiths shamelessly suck-up to modern sensibilities by pretending as though racial-hatred actually never existed or that black-slavery was abolished by the confederacy, or that the Native American Indians fought each other too, or that the holocaust is the working of typhoid fever, if not a terrible tragedy carried out by a rogue few. One such desperate apology has exaggeratedly boasted about a diverse coalition of multi-coloured peoples who each wanted no more than to fight for self-determination and independence, this fanciful pan-nationalist gumbo is boiled hot and dumped all over the clean white legacy of the Waffen SS with the alibi of cleaning up their reputation. This slander in particular, along side the humiliating and regrettable shame of the Pact of Steel alliance with yellow Japan, has turned even the most immersed in national socialism into parrots of the messy classical-liberal wet dream of ‘nationalism for all peoples’, a blunt denial of race-realism and a disowning of our glorious imperial past.

Was the German Nucleus of States, commonly called the “Axis” powers , really a haven for some abstract “white race”? Absolutely not! Much less was it a haven for “all peoples”. Those with a sliver of sincerity know better than to open their mouths with such cheap rhetoric on their tongue’s tip, the only excuse to be made in this case is for the occasional illiterate, usually a newcomer, who in his masturbatory frenzy of new “wisdom” ignores uncomfortable conclusions by showcasing his inexperience through a denunciation of Generalplan Ost as a forgery, imagining himself to be enlightening us: the unaware. Some, mostly those of lesser type, have attempted to carve some cleavage between their sticky spit-ball “white-nationalism” and the stone-chiseled Germanic-Weltanschauung, but not even the least conscientious will even attempt to muster the gusto to challenge the notion that the National Socialist German State which remains, even as a ghost; the most relevant, if not the only, model of a technologically-advanced racialist state. As previously mentioned, orthodox race-theory would aline most with our estimation of the “European peoples”— even the more objective racial theorists like Carleton S Coon, Arthur Francis De Gobineau, and Madison Grant did not dream of some ahistorical, unrealistic, integration of all “Europeans”. On the contrary! These were nordicists inclines toward Germanic man to the exclusion of the short-comer! “Purity-spiralers” of the highest order!

If the Greeks have ceased to be the blondes of Homeric glory must we cease to idolise Heracles to spare the satyr? God forbid! The bread-basket has gone stale and is beginning to rot. Should we starve ourselves to accommodate the loaf? Maybe we could be so sensitive as to feign a grin while throating the inedible waste! Any thinking man would sooner throw away the rotten plate than to halt eating altogether. Reject all tenderness. If we spare the rod we spoil the child, and if there are any prodigal sons left in the sodom of Europe’s defiled periphery then every blow dealt to their mutt-breed would be heard to the roaring request of another.

A Trojan horse has been reeled into the gates of fortress Europa. They of impure blood, especially those who have done best to disguise it behind a blue-eyed mask, hide within their deceptive figures a foreign infiltration! This era demands steadfastness! Never falter to defend the ancient blood! Where the lines have been blurred we must introduce clarity. Muddied waters are to be drained and we must drink only from the pure northern spring!