Civilisation or Syphilisation?

As discussed in the article “Of Übermensch and Underdog” some inherent flaws of the “ethical” and the “moral”, especially those derived from Christianity, must necessarily be eradicated if not by our dire measures taken, then by their very design. In this particular article we will clarify just exactly what is and isn’t demanded of the reader. This is accomplished through an analysis of the very edifice of Nordic man: His birthright inheritance of what is called “western civilisation”.

Now the phrase “western civilisation” itself is a redundancy as it implies that civilisation could exist outside of the cultural milieu of the European Sphere and her outposts; an impossibility. Civilisation at the time of this article’s composure is defined as “the stage of human social and cultural development and organisation that is considered most advanced”. Now, if this notion “most advanced” is used relatively—then those who have broken themselves away from western racial dominance would be ipso facto uncivilised because none among the coloured world match the European’s accomplishments in any approachable number or value. The cultural relativist could object by suggesting “but the numeric, moral values, and civilisation itself are only cultural constructs of the white man.” It is from his not-so clever objection that we cut straight to the heart of the matter. We could proclaim nothing at all without coming to terms before hand with the revelation that all things sacred are, indeed, only cultural constructs. Thus there can never be any separation made between “objective fact” and our inherited western tradition, the God of which turns out to be very real once we realise that he is for us the author of truth: the Ancestor.

Keeping in mind that all objectivity is to be detested and that cultural-relativism is an albeit true, but useless, attitude we can now fill in some of blanks of past articles written in this same vein.

When we had first begun to conceive of the world as being composed of “civilisations” and even of one greater realm of civilisation we had long been wounded by the elements of racial decay. One could imagine that the social hierarchy itself became necessary because the quality of the population began to bottle-neck. True equality is of course unrealistic but imposed division is simply inconceivable in a homogenous scenario. By ”homogenous” we mean that the every-man is a hunter, a fisher, and a scavenger, women included, only separated in function by their innate weakness and inferior capability. The division of labour therefore, originating with agriculture is necessarily a racially divisive system as well. In other words the inbred equals are slowly divergent in breeding based on particular occupation, this solidly hereditarian division of labour existed well into the twentieth century and is now only generally maintained for whatever reason in the undertaker/mortician profession. Anyways, we could predictably see how a population would begin to have more diversity within itself as a result of this process and would therefore actually begin to be more capable, and although unlike contemporary “multicultural” or “multiracial” diversity it is just as destructive in the long run. The lack of tribal unification created by an imposed hierarchy especially a hereditary hierarchy is of course going to contribute to greater identification with class than blood (primordial Marxism) but the greater technological progress afforded by it as well provided for the expansion of territory which does, not necessarily, but very often include the expansion i.e the destruction of the gene-pool.

History should read as such: The more developed individual in society is by necessity more developed by nature. Thus even if we were to accept the obnoxious premises of “out of Africa” theory and “Guns, Germs, and Steel” the white man, if only by the trial of time, is the unquestioned superior, first because his progenitors were among those survivors of the surely mythical waning waters of the straights of Bab Al Mandab, and second because the extreme adversity of the north had shaped him into a more capable man, which in conjunction with darwinistic principles would ABSOLUTELY make him indefinitely a higher being. Nevertheless both of these fairytales are designed to pollute the minds of the white races and to give the disgusting savages the upper-hand (for all apes have hands).

The less-developed breed is of course easily dominated by the conqueror people and because the master already has a division of labour; the lower creature is spared from the sword and is instead taken as war-booty in the form of slavery. Utility rather than “humanism” allows him to be incorporated into the population. The danger is that, with the enslavement of racial aliens comes the responsibility to forever keep them down. That is the origin of civilisation, the very one which we have inherited and which we are obliged to defend. Yes, therefore in a post-colonial age white supremacy, and not merely white separatism (which is, as the enemy reminds us, a form of white supremacy), or “white nationalism”; a thus far incoherent message, is absolutely essential! We have seen the results of sparing the rod, what it has done to the children and ,by the same token, what it has done to the civilisations of old. Everywhere the negroid exists, unless as an underclass, it is in the absence of civilisation. Everywhere a mulatto half-people exists it is amidst the ruins of better times. Everywhere the white races exist, springing forth from the race of the Aryan conquerors, there are good tidings and long enduring progress, in a truest sense of that raped and abused term. In the ancient past our Roman cousins were not prepared to grant ‘humanitas’ to the stranger. They did everything they could to keep the imperial subject in a lower category, but nevertheless they withheld from beating him down. Their inattention got the better of them and Rome in the decadence of empire was submerged by the coloured horde of the scoundrel Spartacus. Now, in this day and age, our people are living so perverted an existence that even the Pompeiian Orgy-participant would blush. On top of this we have neither the martial will nor the classism of Rome to protect any of us from impending submersion!

Western Civilisation was, yes, we use that term in the past-tense, a vessel for the preservation of the Nordic master. It was an ark within which he would float atop the coloured ‘waters’. Now, at best, we may only raise ourselves above the deep, by climbing atop the wreckage of that long sunken ship. We can attach ourselves to patriarchy, to european indigenous primogeniture, to the legitimacy of blood, or to the immigration quotas of the past but none of these exist within an ordered cosmology like we had before. We are simply trying our hand at picking up the pieces as the tide continues to turn and the vast edifice continues to sink deeper and deeper into the dark oblivion. We can not even afford to pick up all the pieces that still peak above the surface from time to time. For example: European paganism has long sunken beneath and is no longer salvageable. Evidently the “pagans” of Ancient Europe with their openness to different cults, practice of dehumanising rituals, and faith in idols were subdued by the legions of Christened soldiers who, because of their moral rigidity (and of course the decisive aid of the then unconquered Germanii) could accomplish what the pagan Romans of a generation before could not. Does this mean we are all to break out our rosaries and to ignore the despicable treachery what what now passes for “The Church of Rome”? Absolutely not! We did not only inherit Christianity the wondrous faith of chivalry but also Christianity the pestilential disease! Not just heroic Christianity with virtuous upright knights and chaste virginal princesses but also Christianity with its universalism, abstraction, humiliation, and defeatism! The latter Christianity, because it was explicitly designed to wreak havoc, and was transmitted like herpes or gonorrhoea, was bound to be given over to death, and thank whatever god may be that it should die a tragic, yet merciful, death before we who are still left do! Let the Christian faction and the Pagan faction drown in their folly. If the “Christians” want to root out heresy then they would soon find that in doing so there wouldn’t be any of them left. It’s suicide. Isn’t it fitting that the only true Christian: Christ Himself, is celebrated by them for what they imply to be an act of suicide? If the pagans want to betray and insult their Christian ancestors then they too will soon find that they break their own rules and have no valid or trustworthy source of reconstructing what they assume is the authentic european faith.

If, in attempting to salvage the ruins of our rightful heritage, we discover innate flaws in the construction itself then we should not feel guilty or sinful in casting the flimsy pieces out and replacing them with sturdier planks. After all, what is the alternative? We all have some kind of nostalgia for the ancient past, including Christianity, Hellenism, and ethical philosophy— the author of this article has expressed his oft misguided betrothal to such lovers time and time again- but never let us cloud our minds with sentimentality lest we sow disaster once more from the very outset of our people’s rebirth. In other words; not all we have inherited is to be kept. Just as mother and father can pass on great wealth, prosperity, and the right of citizenship, they can also pass on the mark of their sins through congenital sexually transmitted disease. Because of and not in spite of our ever enduring loyalty and gratitude to our ancestors, we ask ourselves with sincerity, suppressing sentimentally, what is our portion to claim? Will it be Civilisation or Syphilisation?