Dowry of the Sabbath Bride.

The cross rose as a hex over the continent of the Aryan, an omen of death from the burning deserts of trepidation—from the Pandora’s box of the orient. This apparently blasphemous sign; God himself being humiliated should have been steadfastly combatted by the virile Teuton but instead through hook and crook he was coerced by vile Judah into the unending slumber of the perpetual sabbath. It is no coincidence that fallen-Roma and Judaea; the same swarthy gangsters whom had murdered the supposedly newly adopted god of the Nordics, were the same duo that had foisted the Jewish god on Europe. We maintain a sincere belief in the hypotheses of Nietzsche and of his student Ludovici (also Revilo Oliver) that Christianity was a kind of proto-Marxism and just as Judaic as well , a radical egalitarianism that attacked honour of any kind. We also acknowledge the hypotheses of Rosenberg, and also of Bormann that this religion is an entirely fraudulent imposition of Semitic domination on to Aryan man. We teach that this religion is the source of all decay that we now face. We have also taught that ours is a Christian inheritance, even a Judaic inheritance, and that we are bound in obligation to defend Christendom. Is this a schizophrenic double-speak on our part? No! We must make clear the god of the Jews, and also his relationship to them, if we wish to understand the dilemma of the hexed. Jehovah is as Pharaoh. He is the slaver of Jewry and his reward to his ‘chosen’ is to become a slavedriver like himself in the messianic age. This tyrant, jealous and temperamental, stands in absolute contrast to the lame, weasel-like people that he calls his own. One could make the mistake of seeing in the Jewish god an Aryan hero with his will to power: a Jupiter! The Jews themselves have made this same mistake. They have openly and boldly referred to the kings of gentiles as god-like. We call this mistaken because further investigation reveals not even a Heracles, but an apish Canaanite caveman.

The origin of the Jew and his master is in Sumer, the cradle of civilisation! We have clearly established that the origin of what we call ‘civilisation’ is the interaction between superior and inferior races, Hitler maintained this in his excellent chapter 11 of Mein Kampf; “People and Race” and occultist Rudolf Steiner wrote also immaculately about how blood pollution is a promethean exchange between black Mephistopheles and blonde Faust. The stereotypical sweaty-palmed secular Jew of our day, truly a pathetic figure, is only an atavistic representation of none other than a humiliated white living under the tyranny of dark races! This is from where the jew comes! It is true! In fact recent genetic studies of our ‘older brothers’; the Ashkenazim reveals that their true forefathers are Arabic-mamzer wanderers who had stumbled out of the Orient into Europe and had imposed themselves upon yellow-haired Polish girls. Reminiscent of the Pakistani rape-gangs of our time, or of the black-brown “refugees” from sodom who happen to be exclusively men and notoriously sexually aggressive ‘men’ at that. We have to imagine that the offspring of such filth is the ‘Israelite’ that we see today. The feminine magpie bastard with a cruel desert warlord for a father and a disgraced slut for a mother. Such is the mentality of the Jews from ancient times. In fact ‘israel’ itself is considered the bride of Jehovah. Mark Brahmin in his ‘Apollonian Transmission’ has done well to piece all of this together.

The lordosis posturing called “prayer”, The constant mourning, the reliance on protection by an overbearing combination of father and husband. All of this is evidence of an ancient pecking order which has fed to desert savages Aryan virgin girls and humiliated white whipping boys. The same phenomenon is observed in the development Islam. Allah could not be worshipped as a god of the celestial. While it is true that Islam is deeply tempting in our day for a variety of reasons and it often seems a beacon of light amid the hopelessness; the profession of high principles in Islam, as in Judaism can be understood as hermetic developments which are binding on the proselyte but for the brute all the glory and wonder attributed to God becomes for them the ape, a “stone” who is given white peoples as janissaries and slaves. The promise of this god is countless paradisal “houris”, extremely pale women and boys who are “white like pearls”. It is unclear whether or not the Near East has always known this god. This sick and twisted Ape, the “stone” of Israel, is not fit for worship by Aryan men. We are to battle against this saturnine influence and against the advancement of the Semitic races.

Don’t you, reader, see, that the Christian is not merely the follower of a “Jewish religion” because his religion has its origin in a Jew but more importantly that his spirit is Jewish? The Aryan man of strength and honour has been nothing but harmed by his adoption of a religion in which the core theme is the domination of a feminine white by a semetic ape! We have allowed our women and youth to be abused by ravenous moors, jews, and other desert filth because we have been made to serve a foreign god who has also stolen our birthright. This god claims our right to our women, to our labour, to our praise, and even to our people. His peddlers have told us that it is binding upon the conscience to let the foreigner reap what he has not sown. When we remark that this has gone beyond charity and has placed us at the mercy of those who are parasitising off us, a sickening crowd that could easily be swept aside by an awakened Aryan, we are told that it is better to die than to forsake ‘our morals’, after all, our god is supposed to have given himself willingly to death. While Judah is born of the cradle of a manifesto of global dominion, Germania is humiliated with an artificially imposed creed of gathering himself in rank with all manner of submen as a massive dowry paid in honour of the courtship of the god of the caveman Abraham, the first rebel against the gods.