Mystici Corporis Occultatum

In our mortal lifetimes we are now witnessing the potential resurgence of the primeval impulse of Theomachy among conscious westerners. The manifestation of “nationalist” or “paleo-conservative” groupings with definitively Christian influences is chiefly what we are referring to. It is pertinent now, perhaps more than ever, that we resist the coward’s optimism and do not allow compromise or the accursed fantasy of the ‘big tent’ to cloud the way of the master. A time of renewal is fast approaching, the question of who and whom only remains. Rome’s fall, on account of racial decay and moral laxity, signalled an end of the golden age of solar dominion on this earth. Just when it seemed that all had been lost, the power vacuum left by the collapse of the empire opened up the way to the great Teutonic germ of the north and thus began the middle-ages, called as such because it was an embodiment of the centre, the polar axis, the beatific core. This was only within the framework of the newly adopted faith of the european, even if such a faith contained within it the seeds of its own destruction. This conjunction of roman imperial ambition with the Christian idea of absolute spiritual rectitude provided for the northern race the great concept of the holy-war and through such expressions as the Sacrum Imperium and the Frankish papacy, it placed at the pinnacle of the globe the nucleus of Germanic blood. We must all recognise the necessity in such an establishment because we are rejecters of the equality-myth. We know that where there are multiple elements there is a necessary tension and that there can be no room for coexistence except within the framework of the hegemony of one of the distinct elements or the other. There can be no ‘multipolar’ world. ‘Mankind’ is a bipolar assembly, at the dark bottom lurks the bestial evil which bites at the heels of the uppermost rung: the Aryan. This is the motif of the hero and the beast, best worshiped, as we have explored, by what is wrongly referred to as the Mithraic mystery cult; a martial attempt at rekindling fallen roman glory. This cult was in fact not only coincidentally synchronised to what is also called Christianity but it was actually a mystery of the same sacred origin; though decidedly unchristian and occidental. If ours is to be a won-battle then it only through the worship of the northern essence of regality that we will see the awaited salvation of those redeemable specimens among the rabble we call our own. We must reject, as the forefathers did, any injection of foreign mentality into those causes that should act as instruments of our group- strategy. Ours is not the same milieu as those who adhere to established Christianity. It was only from the racial mongrels of Carthage that the Councils of the church had, through oriental-“Greek” and swarthy-southern subversion, adopted such hideous doctrines of Christian-Humanistic ‘brotherly love’, of which Nordics have never known from any of their racial-competitors. We must keep all of this in mind as militants of the Aryan-godly faction who feel the special vocation of the theomachy. We owe nothing to the god whom the Christians call upon nor to his pathetic demands of our humiliation. In an era where this mongrelised Christianity, tainted with the poison of the inferior races, is so often coupled with the defence of our western civilisational inheritance we will end up coming to an inevitable defeat unless we can once and for all wash off the vomit of Jewry. We are not believers in the corrupted document: the bible, in the dogmas of the churches, or in the ridiculous suicidal principles of the rabbinical conman Yeshuah. Our mission is the destruction of the aforementioned collection. We, as followers of the hyperborian Kristos, strive to cut away at the vine of Judah which has clung to, and threatens to strangle the life out of, the mighty irminsul. Of course there is the distinct possibility that, supposing it takes off in the first place , the Christian faction will usurp from us the helm of this great european reaction. If this is to be the case then we Ariosophic Pneumatics will be left no choice but to tolerate, and even present publicly, the rank of the psychici. It is prerogative that we operate within the Christian camp, mainly because our doctrine has been unduly coupled with deviation and called “Christianity”. Supposing that one of these Christian movements begins to hold enough sway as to move the likes of the Vatican (who are bound to secular force, not vice-versa) it would be most beneficial that we could, like the blessed Borgias, prevent them from using their post as a channel of the ‘peace’ (the perpetual sabbath, or eternal lethargy of slavery to the judaical vices) of their Jewish god. This of course does not solve the crucial issue of this Christian hold over the western psyche diverting from heroic-initiation those who feel within their bones the calling to defend. This is by no means then a permanent arrangement. If we could take on a crypsis for a time we could once and for all wipe out those pasteurising trends among so-called Christianity, in addition to the sublimated bestiality worship of the pagans, or of any other religious element which does not conform to the Ariosophic light. Among the Christian targets Lutheranism comes to mind— a movement which could have unified the Germanic nobility of the north against the Latin hegemony of the Roman Church , but instead infected them with anti-regal and earthly capitulations. Supposing we could turn the numerous sects of the Christians against one another we might kill two birds with one stone by doing away with competing alternatives to our own teachings, and by forging a monolithic exoteric christian body within which we might safely prosper. There is for us the possibility of recreating a type of devotion like that of the traditionalist Catholics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries where the abject rejection of jesus’ weakness is a facet of their adherence to ecclesiastical tradition and is accepted without an incredible amount of inner-conflict. This option would satiate the mismatched herd with sufficient ground to do the bidding of our pure-core while the inherently humiliating teachings of Christianity would humble them so much as to keep their necks in our chain. This, it would seem, is, for us, optimal. Men of our ilk have never allowed ourselves to fall for the seduction of sentimentality. The ‘conscience’ as an overwhelming expression of deep, paralysing, cowardice, is something that is absent from us entirely. For those of refined taste there is such a degree of inner-consistency which is lacking in those not selected that this alternative is for ourselves, at least, void when we realise that, instead of amply supplying evidence to the contrary, the traditionalist Catholic simply denounces “sola-scriptura” when a liberal draws attention to the obvious fact of the Christian bible containing a plethora of pacifist, egalitarian, and anti-justice rubbish. That our civilisational cult lacks the potential to reinsure our people, without forcing upon them dishonesty, is a major indicator of decline, it is no accident then that this black Christianity of the Etruscan-levantine variety once again appears to us in the hour of need as a white-cloaked bringer of justice atop a white horse, what elsewhere appears as the abomination of desolation. It should be our task to rend this veil of deception and expose to our eyes the terrifying face of this terrible abyss, the ancient of days— the chthonic monster Shem HaMephorash. Of course the real danger is that the Christian religion, far from being revealed in its true form as a poisonous serpent, could once again hide behind what it has appropriated from the Aryan tradition. This would greatly hinder the destruction of the Demiurgic, Semitic, corruption of Aryan faith. Overall, we must admit that the rise of Christian factions among the global representatives of watered-down theomachy is a tremendous negative, no matter what angle we choose to glance upon it from. However, hope is in the form of the masquerade. We are not Christians in the accepted use of that title. The cross is denied as a token by which we would have ourselves saved. Ours is not a salvation of the masses, let alone of all mankind. We, the elect, need only to secure for ourselves an elite for the deposit of the ancient doctrine of the master. The scattered sons of the heavenly-father must be given those tokens of initiation which will call them out from among the herd. It is of no concern to us if the masses are to take on a nominally-Christian veneer, in fact it could be beneficial to our struggle. We are not schizotypes when we see a duality of figures in an Adam, a Moses, or a Christ. This is our true faith, let it be remembered. Moses for us will be maintained as the proto-Bolshevik rabble rouser of the pöbelvolk. Moses will be maintained for us as the shining one who raised an elect stock out of the ‘waters’ (the primordial sludge, the substance of purification, the essence of ‘baptism’). We ourselves will not be conflicted in our maintenance of these Colombus’ eggs. At once we will have the good fortune of versatility— easy is the burden of harvesting once the fields have been so sufficiently culled. Of course the exoteric Christianity cannot possibly survive the major antagonism between the two. Though it is most concerning, let us reiterate, is that the echoes of the ancient heroic path would be drowned out by the pacifistic-weakness of the churches. Religion here is recognised as a potent vehicle of subversion. Ours is a faith and a will of vastly greater truth and power than that of the “orthodox”. The chosen, of course, does not hesitate to renounce his Christian upbringing when the true doctrine is presented to him, this will always work toward our favour, but supposing that we allow those among the slavish goyim, who do not hear the calling, who cannot properly be called men, to grant further power to the rotten churches we will have made an unforgivable mistake. We must crush the head of the serpentine clergy under the heel of the angelic host. Carthago Delenda Est shall take on a new significance for us. The scholastic legalism of the Talmudic north-African half-apes would be purged entirely from the culture. Just as legionary Godmen trampled over the ruins of the temple of Jewish whoredom and bestiality we shall wreak the same revenge upon the churches so that not a single tongue any longer sings the praises of the great-ape of the Jew. Our lot is the impregnation of the holy mother church. The heralding of the new-man under the blessing of the sword.