Race & the Sexual Dimension

An utterly deleterious cleavage has been driven between whomsoever the modern world rebels against. Namely, any who would grant a voice to his cognisance of today’s most grievous woes is almost immediately dealt with the option of, on the one hand, distracting from questions of race to focus on the evils of the gynocratic Sexual Dimension, or on the other, to excuse the hypergamy of western whoredom in order to shine so bright a spotlight on western masculinity; i.e Civilisation, as to, once more, make a great blight appear as a minor flaw in comparison. Let us admit forthrightly that none of the greatness of western civilisation, as lionised as we may view it, could match the million-times greater weight of her debauchery! For each remarkable man of legend, even in the loosest use of those terms, there are a thousand thousand harlots of the most damnable and raunchiest ilk. Make no mistake; ours is a world worthy of the worst hellfire. The one whom has come to terms with the wickedness of our world and no longer wishes its survival is no coward, neither is he an escapist: No!—he merely hasn’t yet dreamt our wonderful dreams, while he shares all of our nightmares. The optimist who buries his face in the ghostly remnants of better times; in lieu of the horrifying abyss which today consumes everything of value— He! He is the chiefest coward and the guiltiest escapist. We greatly fault the latter, but it is only with the sincerest hesitation that we sadly admit to the need to discard the former.

Our purpose in publishing this article is not to ‘criticise both extremes’—on the contrary, it is only through taking Racial and Sexual consciousness, as a synthesised totality, to its ultimate conclusion that anything great could emerge from either of these cliques of despair. Whoever would pursue the ‘golden mean’ should abandon all hopes of achieving greatness. To spite the lukewarm and the fence-sitter, we wish instead to announce that in truth there is no masking the Sexual Dimension when discussing matters of Racial integrity, it is baffling that this is not yet taken for granted in our circles. The inverse is not so when analysing questions of Sex, indeed Race for the Men’s right activist truly is but little more than a single domino in a long chain of flimsy social pillars, primed for downfall by their very design. For us, of course, Race is the ultimate fortress which, when lost, guarantees the most humiliating of defeats. Nevertheless, the severance of Racial hierarchy from the apparatus of social organisation [the State] is the direct result of Female sexual and social empowerment. That it to say; the onus of this failure to prioritise falls squarely upon the shoulders of the racialist faction, not the ‘sexists’. The woman does not posses the fundamental will to power that we do by the very fact that she lacks our powerful libido, and even more does she lack our ability to elevate the will to live above the trap of haste and immediacy. After all, are they not notorious in their inability to forego gratuitous spending or gluttonous physical indulgence in all manner of mouth pleasure? We must never shy away from hammering home the cruciality of unmistakable and explicit masculine transcendence over whatsoever is insufficiently Male. In doing so we will have to shed these reactionary attitudes about gender and sex which have never represented reality. Repetitive litanies like “there are only two genders” should no longer be heard from any tongue. There is only one Man; he who is freeborn and noble, of highborn design, possessing heroic instincts and a healthy physique; he whose existence is a testament to, and an affirmation of true Aryan humanity; whatever falls short is not due the dignity of that excellent title of celebration; MAN! Herein lies the only valid case against the anti-feminist community. Too often are these necessary conglomerates turned into satellites of sexual power projection by the effeminate, the insufficient, and the dysgenic. Much like other ‘patriarchal’ systems, such as the bride-gathering gangs of Hollywood Jews or invading Muslims, these also typify the advancement of the chthonic, the lowest, and permanent bottom of the social pyramid. We mustn’t allow the tschandala menace to dominate this methodical approach to sexuality. Of course these lower types, by the very fact that they embody inadequacy, come with the territory; but to surrender this domain to ‘spare oneself the trouble’ is to forfeit the keys to ultimate salvation and perpetual orgasm in the insurance of infinite progeny in the world to come, our world, the immediate one we inhabit now, finally returned to our rightful possession. It would be incorrect to assume that ours could even be referred to as a common cause with these lower-types, these niederen-‘andern’. However we can say with certainty that their grievances, though contradistinct from our own, are a testimony to the validity of our [coincidentally] shared concern. That these lower-types possess (but more often feign to possess) our higher sexual instincts as expressed in earlier articles, may simply testify to the fact that they have gravitated to ‘the strong horse’ so to speak, out of self interest alone. It may also be, as with apparently gutrassengen individuals who have embraced bonobo-negroid sexual promiscuity, that these cases of mix-matched, mismatched, minds and bodies testify perfectly to the results of the relegation of racial-hygiene to the unconscious when it comes to the Sexual Dynamic. The open hostility to all that exemplifies Aryan nobility in western men has done little to change the fact that women, even of ‘liberated’ inclination cannot help but to be yet captivated by Germanic stark-physicality at least as much as they are by negro wild-savagery.

The issue remains however, that the best women are all too frequently the most sociable, the most malleable to social cues, and therefore the finest breeding stock, who, in another life, would have been the perfect submissive wife is now given over to the most bestial apemen, while the soldierly white man is meant to compete for the irredeemably tainted scraps. What we should realise in this entire lascivious jungle-fiasco is that those who have been relegated to sexual obsolescence are ineligible to inherit the earth. We who’ve been rightly-guided in choosing to place ourselves above and beyond the zoo of laissez faire orgiastic chaos, are a breed apart from those who remain within the bosom of this institutionalised bestiality; who may only concord, for now, with our own sentiments as a means of eventually heightening their own standing within the infernal rings of this horny underworld. It is because ours are the only legitimate claims to all of the bounty of the earth that we would never be unduly coupled with ‘men’s rightists’ of foreign race, or otherwise poor breed, neither with ‘racialists’ who blind (and often castrate) themselves to avoid the disastrous implications of ‘female liberation’. Ours is a battle against the twofold enemy: sentimentality and vulgarity exemplified in the figures of the whore-goddess Diana and her Pithecanthropus lover Pan; curse their memory. We also see our enemy in the accursed two faced-Janus, often depicted as an abominable coupling of a horned monster and a fair maiden; the volcanic demon of proto-Judaic witchcraft who plays arch-nemesis to Romulus the Great, blessed be his name, and attempts to interrupt his glorious sexual advance upon the Sabine heathens. And finally when looking upon another great motif of primeval dating, yet modern pertinence; the now cliché hero, monster, and woman scene we should view once again ourselves in the struggle against sentimental flabbiness and vulgar coarseness alike, an internal and external pursuit, through and through, in and out. We neither compromise, nor will we be any longer be walked upon as bridges to be crossed that the bestial may gain access to the beautiful, heaven forbid!

As highly as we honour the wife in the family and in the home, we must just as intensely fight against the intrusion of women into public life, because the ultimate outcome of these efforts would be, and to some extent is already, unilateral women’s rights, which would make the world into a big brothel in which everything revolves around penises and pussies in a silly and absurd satyrs’ orgy while the proper wife, the loyal mother of the house and the healthy strong troop of children will be mercilessly driven out of the chaste and legitimate home!

Mesiter Jörg Lanz Von Liebenfels, Theoozology